Friday, August 7, 2009

Amulets by Archan maha tana that will blow your mind!!! (Don't miss this!)

Following the great respond and effect of the red jet maha put takrut by archan maha tana,The great master guru himself had created and made another 29 pieces of special edition yellow jet maha put takrut. Simply Awesome !!!

Archan maha tana jet maha pu takrut SPECIAL EDITION (7 angel thep inside for attraction and good luck in career and business) (Made 29 pieces only) (Can be used together with Jet maha put takrut red for enhance effect and power)

Archan maha tana mentioned that this yellow jet maha put takrut is different compare to the red jet maha put takrut.
1)The powder used is different compare to the red jet maha put takrut.
2)The chanting mantra for this special edition takrut is also different.
3)The method to use is also not the same compare to the red jet maha put takrut.

The yellow Jet maha put powder is different in colour and material compare to red jet maha put takrut.

Archan maha tana mentioned that this special edition yellow jet maha put takrut is extremely powerful for attraction of opposite sex and making everyone to love and admired you.
It can even be used for good business and sale luck.

Important point to take note:

There is a very special way to use this takrut as taught by archan maha tana for

1) Attraction of opposite sex.
2) Make him/her develop strong feeling for you even if they reject you at first.
3) Bring back your ex lover, making him/her be Internality faithful to you.
4) Enhance and control a current relationship
5) Mend a broken relationship or marriage.

This method is highly confidential and only be taught to the owner who had fate and luck to be able to own this special editon yellow jet maha put takrut.

Another IMPORTANT thing is, Archan maha tana had also mentioned that the owner are able to combine wearing both the red jet maha put takrut and yellow jet maha put takrut for sky rocketing both your love life and business career life.
The owner are able to Unlock The Strong, Confident, Charismatic Personality That's Locked Up Inside.

Combining two of this takruts (yellow and red) are simply explosive or should l say crazy.

Can you imagine yourself double or triple your income , yet at all the same time having the freedom and options for your future, where you choose what type of relationships you will have, the types of women you want to date (or marry) and having lots of people surrounding you, love and respect you.

This is the best of both worlds and for most people, this level of success in life is INVALUABLE.

Same as before, after you use this takrut by archan maha tana and realize just how incredible and powerful this is, I ask that you promise me 2 things:
1) Don’t abuse the “unseen power” (you guys know what I’m talking about)

2) Let as many men and woman who need this takrut know about it as possible. Spread the wealth and charm for greater good. Once you have the “unseen power”, be a good sport and help a guy or gal who needs it just as you did at one point.

As there are only 29 pieces of this yellow jet maha put takrut, I'm not sure how long i will have stock left as i believe most people will flood my email and facebook again asking for this takrut.

Speed in this case is crucial...
This special edition yellow jet maha put takrut is YOURS for only $138sgd

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