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More fasincating amulets by the great Kruba Det

I've received a ton of emails and feedbacks from people telling me how much their life have improved after using kruba det amulets.
If you were one of the people who wrote in, a really big thanks - it means a lot to me.

Anyway here's two more old batch amulets by the great kruba det.

kruba det sepeung kuman dam khanong lit (For good business and windfall luck)

This is an old amulet (made 5 year ago by kruba det).
The sepeung (CreaM) and kumanthong are made from beehive, wan powder which had the strong property of strong attraction and metta mahaniyom, this cream is also made from wan 9 kind and puttakhun powder that all his teacher from 5 samnuk gave him, so it is extremely powerful for business and metta.

Before the ceremony for blessing the amulets, kruba det have to bind the holy thread around the pot for boiling the cream which importantly, the pot must be made from soil from different cemetry .

Even the firewood use for boiling the cream have to be ruk and yom wood (tai prai only).
all these are important small details which result in the powerful and effectiveness of the cream.
Kruba det then boil the cream and chant katha 108 time which ends the process for making the special cream.

kruba det then bring all the pot of cream for enhance blessing at his temple which he chanted and blessed in every monday for 7 weeks.

The next most important process for this amulet is the making of the kumanthong (child spirit)
He inserted a special kumanthong into the cream which is made from 7 soil cemetry and mix with bone ashes of the kid that passed away on tueday and cremeted on saturday only.

kruba det had chanted special mantra and control the spirit while making the kumanthong.
He mentioned that this kumanthong is 100% safe for using and will even protect the owner and help the owner fetch wealth and windfall luck.

This old batch of amulets he had only made a total of 18 pieces only.
Very very limited and rare.

kruba det had given two mantra or katha to be chanted or used for this amulets.
1) First for using the cream for great charm, good sales luck and business luck. (For applying on lips and eyebrown)
2) Second for commanding kumanthong to help u fuilfill your wish and windfall luck. (for wearing purpose)

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Kruba det loop om prom prai 9 bullot pichit jai nang (strong love and attraction) (Sold out)

This is an old loop om powder amulet made by kruba det.

The important ingredient is kruba det had inserted 9 prom prai ash powder of men into this loop om. All these 9 men when they alive is very charming and had many wifes.
In fact there is one such men who had even more then 50 wifes before he had passed away and kruba det had manage to obtain his ash and use his charming power to made this loop om 9 bullot.

The another important material is that this amulet is also mix with special sane powder.
This sane powder he learned from his teacher in Laos and there was only one bottle of such sane powder.
kruba det mentioned that this sane powder is so powerful that if whoever who accidentally drop on the floor and then whoever party step will be cazy and mad or also if animal eat this powder will be mad and follow you everywhere.

Only limited made as 9 such ashes is hard to obtain and also the rare sane powder.
According to kruba det the attraction of this amulet is so strong that you can win the heart of the opposite sex easily. Made only 29 pieces of this.

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