Monday, August 24, 2009

Sakyant Yant Ha Taew done by Archan Toon

(Archan Toon)

Recently , Sakyant master Archan Toon from roiet, Thailand was in Singapore to give blessing and sakyant to all devotees.
Archan toon learn from archan phor come, pu nane kampiro wat ban kaset thong sette and many other powerful guru.
Perhaps one of the most significant skills which Archan toon possesses is the ability to tattoo using the ancient traditional method of tattooing to produce Sakyant designs. His sakyant art work is neat and beautiful.

I decided to visit this archan and intend to have him sakyant the yant ha taew , the five sacred lines for me. This tattoo is perhaps the most comprehensive among all yants as it covers many different aspects of life and bring many different kind of blessing and protections.

(Archan Toon Doing the sakyant for me)

During the process, Archan toon would recite an incantation while he is tattooing at the same time.

(The process of doing the second yantra line)

(All 5 sacred lines done by Archan toon, beautiful work done)

The yant ha taew done by Archan toon is different from other archan as its Sakyant yantra is in Lanna style. Lanna is the language of the Thai Yuan people of Lannathai , Thailand. It is a Language , closely related to Thai and Lao. Tha yantra in Lanna style is very beautiful, neat and special compare to khmer style.

All i can say is, I like the yant ha taew done by Archan toon very much. 100% pleasing and spectacular. A beautiful work of art by the great master.

The special effect of Yant Ha Taew:
1) Improve fortune for both home and working environment
2) Change bad luck to good luck
3) Protection from evil
4) Successful in everything that you do

Perhaps anyone who wish to sakyant can let this great guru create this beautiful body art for you before he goes back to Thailand!!!


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