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Amazing amulets from Archan Thep

Just back from Thailand again. Recently visited archan thep again. This time round, some new and old amulets roon made last time. Archan thep mentioned that most of his amulets are limited produced, and usually sold out fast.

Archan thep blessing all the amulets. He got into a trance and chanted some cambodia mantra to the amulets to increase the internal power in it.

Archan Thep amulets.

Archan thep Karmathep with khun pet( Deva for love and strong attraction to opposite sex) (Sold out)



Beautiful amulet made by archan thep. Front feature the deva call Karmathep, which is known as the hindu god of love. Behind is inserted with special blessed gems, takrut and khun pet with mae per image. This amulet is a powerful amulet whcih enable the owner to contact with other sex seductively and able to do sales well. If the worshipers worship it faithfully, the love arrow of karmathep will penetrate in the woman body exactly.

Regarding to story, Kamadeva or karmathep is the Hindu god of love, represented as a young and handsome who wields a bow and arrows. His bow is made of sugarcane with honeybees on it and his arrows are decorated with five kinds of fragrant flowers. Its string is made of a chain of honeybees. According to the Shiva, Karmathep is a son (actually a creation) of Brahma, creator of the universe. According to other sources including the Skanda,karmathep is a brother of Prasuti; they are both the children of Shatarupa, a creation of Brahma.

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Archan thep king of mae per with yin ku mar sep lang (Powerful attraction)
(Sold out)



Special mae per amulet made by archan thep. According to archan thep , this is the higest level of mae per made in terms of power compare to other pim of mae per. Behind feature yin ku mar sep lang ( The figure of male and female are hugging on the horse and another woman under the horse). If the owner own this amulet, once the female saw, female will love while the male saw, the male will love too. A powerful amulet for dominant in Metta Mahasaney and happy in love, family, prosperity, traveling all the time.

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Archan thep Thep ThiKamPorn (For popularity and windfall luck) (Sold out)



Special Thep ThiKamPorn made by archan thep. Behind is handwritten yantra with wealth fetching wood inserted behind. This is hand made by archan thep and he inserted the gems one by one into the amulet while chnating a special mantra for good luck and wealth.
Hong (Swan) came form India language. It is the origin of holy bird for a long time. It is Lord Brahman’s vehicle. Hong is a represent of celestial state of Buddha, Lord Brahman, Phra Saraswati. In Chah-dok said that since Buddha was Bodhisattva. He was being Pa Ya Hong Thong in 108 kinds of auspicious. Pa Ya Hong Thong is one of symbol in the character of a great man. According to archan thep, this amulet can bring richness, happiness, kindness, gentleness, popularity and prosperity.
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Archan thep Prai ka sit ( Whisper in your ears for wealth and gambling luck)
Highly Recommended by Archan thep

This is a special amulet made by archan thep call prai ka sit which means the spirit whisper. Behind is written of yantra and inserted with one woman bone and takrut. According to Archan thep, this amulet can fulfill wishes and windfall luck.When have danger or whoever need to seek advice in life, pra ka sit amulet can whisper in your ears and warn you or advise you to slove your problem. Amazing amulet. Archan thep showed me a thumbs up for this amulet. Strongly recommended.
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Archan thep nang pom hom (Strong attraction and windfall luck) (Sold out)
(Front) (Back)
This nang pom hom amulet was sold out last time round. This trip I managed to bring some back. This lady spirit is for strong attraction and windfall luck. According to archan thep, whoever who wear this amulet will have strong attraction towrads opposite sex and this lady spirit will also attract windfall luck.
There was feedback from previous client who used this amulet and gotten good result in attraction of opposite sex. He mentioned that he felt the spirit of nang pom hom around him but she is helping him. The amulet not to be miss.
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