Friday, September 26, 2008

A good Testimonial about Faith of amulets

Recently people been asking me, are all these testimonials in your blog for real?
It is simply too amazing to be real!!!

Well I'm here to say, YES IT IS ALL 100% TRUE TO THE CORE!!!
No bullshit, No fairy tales and nothing but the astounding truth.

There are also other questions from some people, regarding how come amulets when they wear, can't see instant result.

My answer to all this,
You gonna have strong faith and belief in your amulets. It takes time for the amulet to get use to your body aura and energy.
Some people will see result fast but there are also some who will only experience it after wearing it for a longer period of time.
The most important point is NEVER GIVE UP on your amulets as they are holy items who need mutual respect.
Believe me when I say this, if you constanly have true faith and belief in your amulets,
Your amulets will help you when you are most in need for help.

Just today, I received this wonderful email from a client of mine from NZ.
I decided to include this email in my blog from permission from the writer himself.
To illustrate my point, here goes:
(To read, click on picture for enlarge view)

Actual content from this email (in case the picture too small to read):

To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend Mr Stanley Tham services as an amulet consultant. I have bought 2 amulets from him. The lersi from Acharn Maha Thana. I have since been made redundant with my job from AA Insurance Ltd since May 2008 During that time I have been using the lersi amulet but nothing happen. So eventually I put it aside and give up. Till last week as my financial situation is really getting out of hand with no income. I have therefore been praying hard to Acharn to grant me a good job. I have then buy flowers and incense to offer even with overdraft believing things will improve. I have been to several recruitment agencies but to no avail. Then one day a recruitment company called me up and have say to me that there is a position for me and that they want me to go for an interview.
Therefore I went wearing the amulet and to my suprise it was a large group and I prepare the interview questions properly in mind with prayer in hope I will get through. After several days my agent call me back and whala! I was offered a job with General Electrics on October 2008.

Within that week as well I have no money to buy food but strangers and friends suddenly become warm to me and offered to buy me food and even call me up to check on me.
As with females as well thats more weird I have registered myself in tagged and then out of no reason have females from Russia, Thailand , USA wanting to talk to me and some even wanted to send me half naked pics of them which I seem is weird for a stranger.

Therefore I hope with these testimony would be sufficient to say Amulets are not to be played and should be respect at all cost.Thanks Stanley for taking of my needs even when I am really in a bad situation and your prayers.Many thanks!

Alex Woo

Thank you Alex for allowing me to used your real name and may buddha blessed you and your family.

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