Monday, September 22, 2008

More Crazy Testimonials from Archan Maha Tana amulets

Lately, been so busy doing my research and stuff in Thailand. Indeed Thailand is the land of wonders, the land of wealth, the land of wine, the land of wonderful women, the land of wisdom, the land of happiness, the land of hope, the land of promises, the land of dreams and the land of everything.

I was so busy that I do not even have time to check my mail. After two weeks, I opened my inbox and it was flooded with tons of mails. My eyes nearly pop out looking at all these emails.
Now Pay close attention! As I was clearing my mail I came across lots of testimonials about my clients who used the amulets.
It appears that lots of testmonials came from people who used Archan Maha tana amulets.
I'll get straight to the point. I'm going to be completely honest and shared with you some testimonials from real clients who used this real amulets with real feedbacks.

Archan maha tana Mae per with scorpion amulet (Love charm)

Mr J Thompson (Not real name) from USA needed help for his love life. He got divorced in 2004, since then, he haven’t had a steady relationship. He was able to know a few girls, but only end up as being in the friendship zone and nothing else. On top of that, he was also a committed Christian for 23 years. (I know what you are thinking; who says Christian can't wear amulets?) Anyway he feedback to me that his love life was not good and needed a talisman to boost his love luck. I recommended this Archan Maha Tana Mae per amulet to him.

After one month, he sent me an email and this is what he mentioned:

When he first received the amulet and hold it in his hand for the first time, he could felt a strong sensation energy flowing in his body.

After wearing the amulet for 3 days, he noticed that he became more chattier and more girls start giving him second glance on the street. He could not explain why also.

2 Weeks later, He started dating some girls with good result and most importantly his ex-wife contacted him back. They chatted on the phone and she mentioned that she still love him and was talking a lot about getting back together.
(Although he don't love his ex-wife anymore)

3 Weeks later, his love life has improved as well. A new love presented itself and they both fell head over heel in love with each other. (It's a new girl of course):)

Mr Thompson words to me:
Thank you so much for getting my life back on track. You were so right when you recommended me this Archan maha tana amulet. I appreciate the time and service you gave to me when I needed someone to help me. Thank you Stan!

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Archan maha tana Lersi with Salika

Another great testimonials from the great Archan Maha Tana Lersi amulet.

June Koh (Not real Name) from Hongkong wrote this to me:

I wanted to give you wonderful testimonial. I wish that this mail be display on your blog, so people could benefit from my experiences.
As you know, I have gotten the Archan Maha Tana Lersi amulet from you. Ever since I have worshipped and wore it according to the instructions.
I felt the strong positive influence helping me in my career and in life in general.
I got along better with my colleagues at work, they treated me better and with more care and love.
I also strike a small lottery ( small winning) after wearing for 3 weeks.
In my life, I have never considered myself to be a lucky person, but now I really feel as though luck favours me. I am still a bit stunned about it all but things are going great.

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My personal point:
To all readers: I hope you enjoy reading this testimonials and are as inspired by them as I am. I have been in this business for a long time and had seen many many satisfied customers.
No, not everything works for everybody, that would be impossible (and you should never believe anyone that tells you that it is possible). There are many factors and reasons behind it which I will discuss next time in my blog. Nonetheless, i have a high percentage of satisfied client.
Do stay tune for my next posting.....

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