Saturday, October 11, 2008

Great Sak Yant master Archan Thoy Dabos, Por Gae Lersi Tafai

(Archan Thoy Doing Sakyant)

Recently , I had visited one interesting archan by the name of Archan Thoy. A master of Sak yant (Thailand Tattoo yantra). He is also a master of making effective amulets.
Archan Thoy learn from the great master Lersi Tai and Luang Phoo Thongdam Cha ta pa low.

Archan Thoy wore the robe of lersi which he received devotees every day (except for of Holy days) for Sak Yant tattoos and had many magicial love charms, potions and miscellaneous amulets for aquiring love, riches, longevity and protection.
Archan Thoy follow the traditional way of Thai buddhism Tattoo in Thailand.

A Sak Yant tattoo is basically a sacred "Yantra" - a geometrical design charged with ancient Buddhist prayers and magical spell.

(Archan Thoy Testing the power of the Sak Yant for Invulnerability using a sharpe knife)

(Archan Thoy blessing the Sak Yant )

(Picture taken with Archan Thoy)

Archan Thoy is a friendly person, people who wish to have a traditional Sak Yant done, definitely can pay a visit to him. He also does Sak Yant in invisible oil, resulting the tattoo being invisible to the human eye but with the magicial effect of the yant remaining.

Archan Thoy Dabos 's amulets

Archan Thoy Ya Nak amulet

(Archan Thoy Ya Nak Front)

(Archan Thoy Ya Nak Back)

Archan Thoy Ya Nak is the same as Mae nak at Wat Mahabut. This amulet is best for Windfall luck, attraction, fulfilling wish and more. One of the best amulet made by Archan Thoy with handwritten yantra behind.

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Archan Thoy crocodile skin amulet (Sold out)

(Picture of Crocodile with money in the mouth)

Genuine crocodile skin with handwritten yantra in it. Crocodile has the ability to bite on the wealth and not be lose. People believe that Peuk crocodile skin by Archan thoy is specially powerful in protecting the owner from evil forces, black magic, bad thing and danger. Also, this amulet can bring good luck and wealth. Only one piece left.

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Archan Thoy Tiger head with bullet shell (Sold out)



Beautiful Tiger head image with written yantra. Behind is inserted with a real bullet shell with engrave yant personally by Archan thoy. Tiger is a sign of strong, invulnerable and prestige. Best for protection, authority, get rid of bad things and more..

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Archan Thoy 3 Head Lersi sem sang per lok sak tan fai 2549

(Portrait of 3 head lersi in Archan Thoy Temple)

(3 head lersi amulet front)

(3 head Lersi amulet back)

A special 3head Lersi made by Archan Thoy with inserted kring seed inside. While shake will produce a ringing sound. Sem sang per lok sak tan fai means the sky is clear, meaning when wearing this amulet will be successful in whatever that you do and no obstacles.

Chanted and made in Year 2549. Extremely unique and beautiful amulet not to be miss by Lersi fans.

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I will be bringing in more interesting amulets by Archan Thoy for my next trip.
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