Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Daily Deva or Heaven Deity

Besides the Daily buddha in life, there are also the daily devas or heaven deities.

Sunday: Phra Athit (also Aditaya or Suriya), the Sun, the god of light, is seated on his chariot of seven skyhorses driven by his rider, Phra Arun. If you have visited Wat Arun in Bangkok you might already know that the translation for this temple is Temple of Dawn.

Monday: Phra Chan (or Chandra), the Moon, is a male deity who rides a chariot drawn by ten horses. His nature is suave and gentle.

Tuesday: Phra Angkhan (Angaraka) rides a water buffalo. He is Mars, the god of war, hard-work and conflict.

Wednesday: Budha is an Indian equivalent of Mercury and Woden. He rides an elephant. He is the deity of wisdom, communication and books.

Thursday: Pharutsabodi (Brihaspati) is the heavenly seer who carries a slate and rides a deer. He corresponds to Jupiter, tutor of the gods. Thursday, his day, is dedicated to teachers.

Friday: Sukra, the god who presides over Friday, rides a bull. He is considered one of the heavenly seers as well as a tutor of the gods. He is the diety of wealth and fine art.

Saturday: Phra Sao (Sani), equivalent to Saturn, with bow and trident in his hands, is considered the god of difficulty. The people who are born under the influence of Saturn are believed to fall easily into grief, despair, and difficulties. He is seated on his vehicle, a tiger.

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