Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm ready to EXPLODE!!! Here's a secret.....

Dear Readers,
Get over here and listen to this!
You won't believe this one....

One of my client just share with me a fantastic testimonal after wearing the Archan maha tana pra lersi with salika amulet. In fact, it's so mind blowing that l just had to share this with everyone in my blog. Check it out....

I have often received testimonals on this amulets from many of my clients. Recently one of my client (Richard) met up with me and share his great testimonal to me.
You see, Richard has been wearing this Archan maha tana for one month straight and he told me his life has improve tremendously. He's even going to frame it up with gold casing soon. Now this amulet was as valuable as a diamond.

1) Career: Richard had been in the the sales line for many years. In the beginning when I met him, he commented to me that in recent years, his sales was poor and had experience a down turn in his luck. I recommended him to wear this amulet with strong faith and belief.
First week when Richard wore this amulet, the feeling was positive but did not experience any big effect yet.
Second week after he wore this amulet, customers started to call him up instead. He just met up with them and easily clined sales worth millions of dollars. Unbelievable!!! Richard said with a happy look on his face that it was not just one deal but a few more in the way which was also going to close deal soon. His manager even complimented him on his great performances for the recent weeks.

2) Gambling luck: Richard was playing mahjong with his friends on a weekend. He felt stressed and troubled as he was losing every game. He told me that at the moment, he took a break and went to the toilet. A gut feeling came over him and he made a wish with strong faith from the lersi amulet to get back what he lose. When he resumed playing the game, he suddenly felt a strong sensation of confident feeling flowing to his body, it's as if he was unstoppable. Well to make the story short, Richard won back what he had lose and better still, he wipe out all the clips on his other friends.
The story doesn't ends here....
Richard continued playing mahjong for the next few weeks with other players and guess what,
He wipe all of them out. The chinese term, one player killed all three players.
Just incredible!!!

3) Love and relationship: Richard was getting more attention and second glance from gals around him. In one event, he was driving along lavendar road when he happened to see two gals walking at the side of the road. It was late at night, Richard stopped his car and offered the gals a ride to sent them home. According to Richard, the gals were friendly and accepted the ride.
To make the story short, the gals were roomates (not singaporean) and stay in a rented apartment. Richard end up in their...............................
ok there, I can't mentioned the rest here. You have got to leave it to your imagination!!!!
Readers who want to know the rest of the story, you have got to email me....
Only two words to describe this testimonal.....SPICY HOT.

What a triple combo!!! Imagine what it would be like if you were Richard now.
Sounds hard to believe? Still scratching your head?
All I can say is this is the Ultimate truth and nothing but the whole truth.
Seeing is believeing.

You dont want to miss this one!!!
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