Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Now Listen closely! Don't miss a word of this...........

Dear readers,
Lately, yahoo auction been having so much technicial problems.
This message keep popping up when I log in.

SG Auctions is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Yahoo! is working to resolve the situation but we are unable to provide an estimated date of resolution. However, please be assured that we are working on a solution to improve our service for you and our community of users.

They been trying to solve this technicial problem for weeks and have not rectify the problem yet. I am not able to post the many new amulets in auction and many of my clients were not able to see my full range of amulets.

Anyway life gotten move on.

Here are a few important things to take note:

1) I have posted all the new amulets in
Link at :

2) I have now include the prices , some descriptions and contact information at
every picture in flickr. (some still in progress)
Just click on the picture to enlarge it, below will be the written information.
For extra information or enquires, can email me at

Anyway I will try to improve more on the features at till yahoo auction is
ready and running.

To some new readers, you be able to access all my previous posting of different topics including great monks , adventures, miracles, videos and more....
Just view it at the left side of my blog and scroll down to the "LABELS" headling.
There will be many interesting topics there. Click on it!
Happy reading!!!

May you be bless with happiness, prosperity, good health, long life, wisdom and wealth.

Once again the link is

From Stanley Tham

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