Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kruba Duang Dee, Wat Tha Jampee, Chiang Mai

Kruba Duang Dee, Wat Tha Jampee, Chiang Mai. Kruba was born in 2449. He was currently the eldest living monk in Chiangmai. Kruba , at 101 years old , has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. Many people have related special occurrences whilst wearing amulets consecrated by this great Guru Monk.

Taking a picture outside the temple, Wat Tha Jampee.

Kruba Duang Dee blessing the amulets.

When I arrived at the temple, there was a mass chanting ceremony at the temple.
Manage to buy Kruba Duang Dee amulets from the temple counter and waited for my turn to enter the room where kruba Duang Dee is resting.
Finally got to see Kruba Duang Dee in his room and I paid my respect to the great oldest monk in Chiangmai. Kruba blessed all the amulets and bucha which was taken from his temple.
At 101 years old, Kruba in actual real life, looks weak and old but he still posseses full of baramee and radiated metta.

Kruba Duang Dee ' s amulets

(kruba Duang Dee salika lin tong)

(kruba Duang Dee salika lin tong)

Kruba Duang dee Salika was carved from auspicious wood call mai mak yong (metta wood).
These trees were known as auspicious trees that could brings wealth, luck and metta.
Specially chanted by kruba duang dee with pasted pit tong (gold foil).

The Salika is also known as Heavenly Whispering Bird or Heavenly Bird of Congeniality and wa said to have the power to enhance individual in smoothing their speech and congeniality. It was believe to have orginated from heaven and as such considered holy by the Thais. The Salika was also known as a wealth giving Heavenly Bird that brought good luck and prosperity to its wearers. It is said that they have magical powes and particularly for lovers and those who want to be charming either towards a member of the opposite sex or in a business scenario.

This amulet is great for using negotiation in business. The sweet talker is able to charm his companion or hosts.

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