Friday, December 21, 2007

Newly unloaded pictures of amulets

Lately, lots of people had feedback to me that yahoo auction was not able to display all items which I posted in it, they were not able to view the full range of it.
Immediately, I decided to upload all my amulets pictures into flickr.
The link is at:

Everyone will be able to view the full range of my amulets.
Click on the picture and there will be a direct link to my auction page for the full descripition of that particular amulet.
You can type in some "key words" and be able to to search for any of my amulets under the search button , located at the upper right hand side at the flickr page.
I will be uploading more new amulets pictures into flickr.
Do check it out often!!!
last but not least, the link again is at:

Before we go, I would like to leave a thoughts for the day

" The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call LUCK."
- Anthony Robbins

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