Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kruba Noi Pra Kring Wu kar pak (Forever rich )

Traveling to Chiangmai , I was introduced by the thai people to the great master Kruba Noi from Wat si dong moon(Chiangmai province). His temple was beautiful and fill with peace and serenity.
Through my conversation with him, I realised that he was a very humble master and possesses a lot of loving kindness. During his blessing for me, he has a very unique way of chanting which make me feel peace and strong positive energy flowing into my body. Amazing indeed!

I was walking around his beauitful temple and one unique amulet caught my eyes. This amulet is known as
“ Pra kring Wu Kar Pak”.
This unique Pra kring is made by kruba noi during a Wai Ku ceremony in Wat si dong moon temple.
This beautiful kring is made of old holy material and when shaken produces a ringing sound.
People believe that hearing the ring from this pra kring amulet can bring you so much wealth in your lives through fame luck as well.

The ceremony involved during the consecration of these amulets including the insertion of the round seed in the Phra Kring amulet itself . The method is followed precisely so that the efficacy of this amulet will be great and effective.
Kruba Noi mentioned to me that wu kar pak means “forever rich” and wearing this amulet can bring good luck and good fortune to the owner.
This amulet is best for:
1) Business luck and sales luck.

2) Increase good luck everyday.

3) Never be in debt.

4) Never experience poor or poverty.

5) Good health and longevity.

6) Protect the owner from enemies, danger, bad things.

7) Peace of mind and happiness everyday.

8) Able to be promoted in your job.

9) Unimaginable wealth.

10)Magnetically attract the right people into your life, and easily gain rapport with any.

11) Successful in everything that you do.

12) Get people to like you... a lot.

13) Attract wealth and good luck from all direction of life.

14) Poverty to richness.

15) Overcome all barriers and bad things in life.

Every Pra kring wu kar pak amulet, it's below features 4 different serial number code engraved by kruba noi himself and this amulet is wrap in a nice gold casing.
Kruba noi personally taught me a method to use this pra kring which is if anyone faces bad luck,can use this pra kring to
1)Made into holy water to bath away all the bad luck and increase his good luck.
2)When moving into a new house, use the kring to make into holy water to spray around the house to get rid of negative energy and evil spirits.

There is case where one thai man named ‘Nong’, who faces a lot of problems in life and having a bad downturn in life. He went to seek kruba noi for help and ask him for his advise, Kruba told him that his luck is very bad, and pass him this pra kring wu kar pak and instructed him to wear it with faith and belief.
Two weeks later, Nong came back to look for kruba noi.He bought many food and donated money to his temple.He said that ever since he wear the Pra kring, his life has improve for the better and found a new job with better salary. Seems like all his bad luck has disappeared out of his life. Since then he started to respect kruba noi a lot and believe very much in all his special amulets.

These amulets are now exceptionally rare and in high demand by many people.
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