Friday, December 10, 2010

Auspicious black cat that can make you super RICH!!!

Archan thep the master of all magic had recently became a monk and last i heard, his magicial level had up ten fold since he became a monk. He studied even more subject and tudong in the jungle just to learn the special wicha.

Recently archan thep had made a special powerful batch of cat amulet called rare black cat loop kok Maew Spirit with stillborn offspring cat powder. A special amulet which he claim is super powerful for wealth and windfall luck.

The mother black cat in archan thep temple gave birth and one of the loop kok cat fetus which it passed away, so instead the cat passed the loop kok fetus to archan thep instead by its own free will. Archan Thep saw the special power which this cat fetus possessed and decided to make it into a super powerful cat amulet.

Black lucky cat is the symbol of plentifully and richness. In the ancient time, Arjarn believed in the mystery of cat. They believed that cat bring about lucky. Some Arjarn said that dead cat can made loop kok. Also, the magical power is similar with Human loop kok
The characters of black cat are bravery and determination.

Black cat is they symbol of soul. It has charisma. Diamond eye cat is scared cat. If whoever has owner, they will prosperity and invulnerable. Thus, almost Diamond black eye cat is hard to find. It’s superb amulet.

Archan thep rare black cat loop kok Maew Spirit with stillborn offspring cat powder (Best for windfall luck, side luck and super wealth )(super highly recommended)

This amulet made from

- loop kok fetus powder of cat

- Rok Black Cat

- Soil from 7 Cemeteries

- Gafak Nham Leb Maew

- Krai Sae-Ma

- Krue Roi Pla

- 7 Mai Khon

- Other Material (conceal)

After archan thep have all of materials. He prognosticates and recites incantations. He made only 38 Black lucky cats.

This black lucky cat mean it could bring luck to the owner. It has diamond eyes. There are incantation on the back and bottom surrounding by holy thread on the neck.
Black cat spirit by archan thep has powerful securing good fortune in business affairs and wealth to the owner, it is considered as a sacred animal and brings successful business encounters, luck in investments, luck in stocks speculation, prosperity, wealth, abundance, success, passing examinations, good descendants luck and good fortune to households.

I thought it's fair to warn you that this black cat amulet is made only 38 pieces and selling out fast like hot cakes.

So you need to act now or your amulet will go to someone else.

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