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Archan Sup Brohmano love charm amulets

Been receiving good feedbacks from people who had used Archan sup amulets. Archan sup had made many charming metta and love amulets to his disciples and people since he was ordained. Many people had experience good love and wealth luck from his amulets. This time, I will introduce some more special amulets made by Archan Sup Brohmano.

Archan sup Mae TaKian amulet

(Front view)

(back view)

This is a mae takian female spirit amulet and made by Archan sup.The special ingredient added in by Archan sup is the mae takian tree powder.

(Takian tree)
These are tall forest trees. They are of course not fit to be grown in a limited house ground. Beside, such big trees are believed by the people to be abodes of tree spirits. There are two kinds of spirits that reside in the trees. One kind is a male spirit half "phi" half thevada or god, and the other is a female spirit like the wood nymph. The former, as surmised from the tree cult usually resides in a big tall tree, the wood of which has no economic value, while the latter resides in a tree which supplies economic wood or fruits. Even today people in outlying districts will not dare to cut down any big tree for fear of the tree spirit residing in it. Even in felling a tree of smaller size, the people will first make an offering to the spirit to atone for the offence made. A very big and very tall tree of the kind which the people believe to be the abode of the spirit will not be felled at any cost. In the old days when certain big trees were required for the making of the traditional royal barge or posts for the tall roof of a royal pyre, an offering was made and a royal proclamation was read to the spirit under the tree before it could be cut down. This was a wise practice to preserve big trees of the forest from wanton felling by the simple folk.

The Takian tree in the particular is a very well-known one where a female spirit has her habitation. She is known as "Nang Takian" or Lady Takian. In the imagination of the people, Lady Takian usually takes the form of a beauty maiden who sometimes makes a wailing and piercing sound when the tree, her abode, is felled. A female spirits residing in this tree.

Many Thai people believe in the power of the mae takien tree and even touch the tree wishing for windfall luck and love luck.

(Thai people praying and touching the takien tree)

According to Archan sup, the mae takian tree powder is known as magical thing that has super power protecting from bad things and evil. The mae spirit can help in both love and good windfall wealth luck.
Made only limited pieces due to the little amount of mae takian tree powder.

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Archan sup mae per attraction lover with 3 takruts (Sold out)

(Front view)

(Back view)

One of the best love charm amulet ever made by Archan sup.
Front feature a mae per sitting on a skull.
Behind ingredients are:
1)Three handwritten silver takrut wih love charm yantra inserted.
2) Skull bone fragment of a lady.
3) Special holy herbs wahn and soil din chanted for many years by archan sup.

According to archan sup, this is one of the best amulet for attraction and charming a lover back.
She is known as to have the super power and ability to bring luck and help the owner to be admired and love. Also, she will make your relationship work for you.
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