Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Testimonials from Archan Maha Tana amulets again!!!

Got many enquires about whether females are suitable to use this Archan maha tana mae per amulet or not. Well my answer is of course and in fact i got many clients( both man and woman) who used this mae per amulet and have gotten good feedback. According to archan maha tana, both men and woman who uses this mae per amulet will be able to experience good and effective result. Heres a new testimonials from a female in malaysia who use this archan maha tana mae per amulet. I crop out the actual content and email which she sent me.

(Click to enlarge to read)

In case you have problem reading the email, here's the actual testimonials.
Hi stanley,
I did my mae per ritual last night. Today i feeling feverish. I used 2 half boiled eggs as per your instructions but as they were soft, as i peeling the shell, they broke slightly. I put both the eggs in a bowl and the samsoo to offer to mae per at 12 midnight with 7 incense.
I had faith in what i was doing and asked mae per to grant me my wish. I definately felt her presence.

Until yesterday, me and my boyfriend were always quarelling.Today, suddenly he has become very loving no matter what i say, he just saying yes to all my wishes.He is very stubborn and doesnt give in easily type.Normally he will only see me once a month, now he doesnt mind if i come there next week. He wants to spend more time with me.I will be coming to singapore next tuesday for FOUR days.Wow, im so happy stanley, thanks alot.

Archan maha tana powerful mae per



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Archan maha tana king of parakit khun pet

(Front view)

(Back view)

Another amulet made by Archan maha tana. According to archan, this is call parakit khun pet, which means it is the highest level and ranking of most powerful among all parakits ever made. The ingredients use is the same as the mae per. If used both the mae per and the parakit khun pet amulet together, the effect will be even better and result can be seen faster.
I have one client (a male) who have both the archan maha tana mae per and this parakit amulet. He wore the mae per on the left pocket and this parakit khun pet on the rite pocket. He feedback to me that the second day he wore both these amulets,
- His boss started to treat him better at work.
- Two woman who he had lost contact last time suddenly contacted him back and ask for a met up for coffee.
- More second look backs from woman and even man on the streets.
One week after he wore both these amulets:
- His girlfriend treat him even better then last time. Offered to buy food for him, give him a good massage and stuff. Sounds like the girlfriend is suddenly completely mesmerized by him.
My client is so convinced of archan maha tana amulets that he even recommended his older brother( who is single) to purchase both this amulets from me. Anyway I'm still waiting for the brother testimonials.
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To anyone and everyone who had wore this archan maha tana amulets. Do sent me your good results and testimonials to my email at :
I wish to know how this amulets have help you, and i will feature this testimonials in my blog to share with all readers.

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