Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More love charms and interesting amulets from Archan Thep

Just back from my trip, recently many of my clients who use archan thep amulets had feedback me their good effect , so I went to see Archan thep again to seek for more good love charms and amulets.

Most of his items are limited produced and are sold out fast. There is a high demand for his amulets by the local Thai people too.

(Archan thep blessing me with salika and nanathong)

The above picture show that archan thep was blessing the amulets which I got from him. He was very focus and chanting in a fast cambodia klmer mantra which is very different from the normal Thailand chanting.

Archan Thep amulets

Archan Thep Nang Pom Hom (Strong attraction and windfall luck) (Sold out)



This special amulet is call Nang Pom Hom , meaning the hair smell good. According to archan thep , this amulet is best for attraction of opposite sex. The opposite sex will try to get near you because of this amulet and also it will help in attracting windfall and lottery luck.
Made of ash and many other powerful material.
See more information of this amulet at: (Sold out)

Archan thep mae per maha saney (Strong attraction) (Sold out)


Mae per mahasaney personally made by archan thep with handwritten yantra behind. Mae per is known as higer then spirit that has super power to bring luck and help the owner to be admired and love. Also, she will make your relationship work for the owner of this amulet. The Thai people believed that women who sit and born a child easily represent that it is easy to fulfill wishes when we beg for from her. Limited pieces made.
See more information of this mae per maha saney amulet at:
(Sold out)

Archan Thep yin ku mai rak (Sold out)



This amulet is call yin ku, which feature a couple hugging and kissing togther. This is hand crave from mai rak ( love wood) by archan thep and specially blessed. Best for attract lover back and enhance relationship.
See more information of this amulet at:
/ (Sold out)

Archan thep handwritten takrut king of mahasaney (Strongest attraction)
(One piece only)

This takrut is persoanlly handwritten by archan thep. Archan thep mentioned that he have handwritten the strongest yantra for attraction and metta in this takrut and have taken one month to bless it. He made one piece only.
Get this takrut at only $88sgd

Archan thep phaya tan thong (Sold out)

These phaya tan thong amulets are taken from my first trip to archan thep and totally sold out.
There were many feedback from people who wore this Phaya tan thong amulets, So I decieded to take the last few pieces from archan thep due to the good effect.

I have a client who use this amulet and feedback me saying his sales increase and his superior (a female) who use to pinpoint him during work, suddenly treat him more nicely and become closer to him after wearing this amulet. He even experience more look backs from members of the opposite sex.

Only last few pieces left, no more making of this amulet according to archan thep.
Grab this before its sold out again like first time.
See more information of this Archan thep phaya tan thong at:
(Sold out)

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