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Highly powerful amulets that can make you rich and charming!!!

(Archan Ao unqiue way of blessing me)

Just back from my recent trip to Archan Ao temple at Phuttha Sathan Wiharn Tham Buddhist place. There were many people present there waiting for Archan Ao blessing. Archan Ao is highly popular in Thailand and probably due to his unique way of blessing and making effective amulets.

(Archan Ao blessing all the amulets taken from him)

(Archan Ao special way of blessing amulets)
For all amulets, Archan Ao strongly blessed these amulets with “Phalang Khlueanyai Jakkawan” (special power) and invited gods and great hermits joined to bless too. Moreover, Archan Ao created these powerful amulets followed Somdej Loon’s method.
Amulets by Archan Ao PhutThaRakSa
Archan Ao PhutThaRakSa special nam man lup yong Kao Saney (highly recommended and 5 star rating)

One of the most powerful oil ever made by Archan ao using many many powerful material to make this charming oil.
There are many holy masses to make this charming oil such as 9 holy trees:
1. Mai Kham,
2. Mai Koon,
3. Mai Khanoon,
4. Mai Yor,
5. Mai Yom,
6. Mai Rak,
7. Mai Room,
8. Mai Chumporn
and 9. Mai Phayoon
There are also 9 holy masses from elephant such as
1. A piece of trunk,
2. Tail,
3. Skin of elephant,
4. Bone of elephant,
5. Tooth of elephant,
6. A piece of ivory,
7. A piece of male elephant sexual organ,
8. A piece of female elephant sexual organ and
9. The oil from elephant.
The other material includes Holy herb, holy soils, holy oils, placenta of cat and lup yong amulets(twin brother made of black and white wood)
Power: Namman lup yong Kao Saney by Archan Ao is very well known about bring charm, sex appeal, attraction and success in love to worshiper. There are many holy masses inside Namman Kao Saney such as lup yong amulet, holy herbs and other to increase powerful.
This oil is extremely powerful according to archan ao, The saney oil produces wonderful results rapidly. It houses almost all promising love symbols, when owned is equivalent to injecting yourself with a dose of love potion and attract many member of opposite or same sex to you.
According to Archan Ao , because of the ingredient placenta of cat and lup yong amulets, this bottle of oil can be used for
1) Fulfill all wishes that the owner desire as lup yong will help the owner
2) Attract opportunity and luck for business, attaining significant heights in your career.
This amulet is for wearing in the pocket for best effect.
Limited bottle made only, Before it is sold out for good,
Get this Archan Ao PhutThaRakSa special nam man lup yong Kao Saney now at: $88sgd

Archan Ao nang taewaka maha setti (rich angel for millionaire luck and many other wonderful effect)

This powerful amulet made from holy metals and burn inside a holy fire stove while chanting at the same time.
Nang taewaka is the rich angel in the heaven and is wife of payah krut.
Many taewadah like her because she is so beautiful and she has the ability to charm all god. If who meet her like under magical spell and lose control of their mind, so by wearing this amulet, the owner is able to charm all people and control their mind.
Nang Taewaka Maha Setthi is the goddess of wealth that who worships Nang Thewakaa will get wealth, luck, success and good business. In addition, there is excellent of charming
The 2 special effect of this amulet:
1) For those who are afraid of losing their beloved male partners or female partners to the third party, they can actually wear this amulet as nang taewaka is able to make the husband or wife be eternally be faithful and love.

2) The other purpose is this amulet nang tawakaa acts like a propeller that could ignite your wealth luck explosively and then continuously turbocharge it to accelerate financial growth. The type of wealth here refers to both mainstream income and irregular income.
Only very limited pieces is made only,
Get this piece of Archan Ao nang taewaka maha setti now at: $78sgd

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