Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Amazing Luang Pu Naen Kampiro of wat ban kaset thong sette

(Luang Pu Naen kampiro)

luang pu naen kampiro of wat ban kaset thong sette.
Many Thai people address him as luang pu naen since he was 7 year old

Luang pu naen began tudong first time when he was 9 year old and learned many subject from Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia

He was born on BE 2523 at ban non sawan , tambon waeng , amper pontong , roiet provinc

The reason why many people address him as "Luang Pu Naen"
When he was only 7 years old , Pu Lersi Tafai came inside his body and he was walking like an old man, since that time lp naen was known to have many magical power and baramee.
Lp naen specialist in many wicha,
1. Insertion of silver needle
2. Forecast by Lersi Tafai subject, pitee saw namtah tean
3. Blowing of gold foil and needle, remove black magic and all evil bad things

(Lp nean chanting in boilling hot oil)

Lp Naen had learned from many teacher, including:
1. lp kampan wat pratat mahachai , nakorn panom learn how to bless amulet
2. lp promma khemma ja ro, ubonratchatani. learn duang tham subject
3 .Pra Archan kam at pookao kwai , laos . learn sai samret lon subject
5. lp jaran ampawan temple ,, singburi.. learn do samati
6. lp pimpah ngongtah ngoo temple , authaitani , learn manomayit ti subject
7. Archan mong , from Cambodia learn hoonpayon ,kumarntong and nok salika
8. lp Sae dor ,Myanmar learn romove black magic and bad things away
9. lp Pien learn sakyant
10. lp Sawai , preedaram temple . nakornnayok , learn nanatong

(Me getting a powerful blessing by luang pu Nean)

Luang pu nean is famous for his salika pakdee amulet, kumanthong, hoon payong , pu lersi tafai amulets and more....

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