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Kruba keow mah Bull tanoo that multiply good luck by 100 times to the owner!!!

Kruba keow mah is famous in making the special bull tanoo , each roon sold out extremely fast and no more stock in temple due to its great effect.
Before Kruba keow mah passed away, he made a last batch of bull tanoo.

Kruba keow mah collected the material over a period of 8 years
The material use to make this bull tanoo include:

1) Powder hua jia bull tanoo tong ,
2) Soil from on top of ant hill ,
3) Soil from 7 cemetery
4) Soil kui poo
5) Soil pong
6) Krung putcha die itself
7) Sema moss from 7 temple
8) bull tanoo who passed away when strike by thunderbolt
9) Horn powder of bull tanoo (bull no color) which also die by thunderbolt

All these material is mix together and mold into the shape of bull tanoo.

Kruba keow mah had blessed thse batch of bull tanboo on full moon night , and while kruba keow mah was chanting, he saw many bull image runnign around the temple, then when the ritual was finished, all the bull disappeared.

Kruba keow mah Bull tanoo (Get rid of all bad things in life and multiply good luck by 100 times to the owner)

According to kruba keow mah,
When every aspect of the person life comes to a showstopper, seeking divine help from the bull tanoo will get you out of trouble the quickest and multiply good luck by 100 times

Bull tanoo by Kruba keow mah can clear all obstacles in life as it will knock away all bad things that is blocking you.

1) If you have financial difficulty, you will find a way out.
2) When you are about to get cheated by evil doers, you will see lights that prevent it from happening.
3). If you are facing blockages in your career, they will be resolved immediately.
4) If you are unable to close a business deal, your business associate will return to you.
5) If you are facing legal problems, your opponent will drop charges on you.
6) If you feel threatened, your enemy will backoff, they are unable to harm you.

Another special method to use as mentioned by kruba keow mah,
If want the bull tanoo to protect the house and fetch wealth from all direction to the house.

Step is to obtain 4 piece of bull tanoo , dip all 4 piece of bull into water follow by chant the special mantra for 7 times

Then placed the 4 bull at all 4 corner of house (north,south , east , west)
This is best for protection from evil , bad luck . bad evil things and fetch wealth and good luck to the house.

Very limited pieces is made for this kruba keow mah bull tanoo.
Remember that this batch of amulet is the final batch of amulets ever made by kruba keow mah before he passed away. so yuou will never, and i mean never able to get another piece same made by him again after it is sold out.

Immediately, get this piece of Kruba keow mah bull tanoo amulet at: $98sgd only

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