Saturday, October 1, 2011

Amazing amulet by lp sawat that can increase wealth, cure illness and also reduce karma!!!

Before lp sawat was a monk, he was a lersi and lived in cave in some wood and had studied a lot of magic subject there including the art of making lersi mor komarapat.

One day Lp sawat do meditation (samati) and talked to his heavenly guidance poolersi borommakoo ariyadabok ,

He wanted to seek advice highly being master poo lersi that in this world, many people is suffering due to earthquake, flood, bankrupt, poverty, illness and many problems in life.
He wanted to know in order to serve his mission to help people, which amulet can be made by him to get rid of these entire suffering problem.

Poolersi borommakoo told lp sawat to do the amulet lersi mor cheevok komarapat.

Lersi mor cheevok is known doctor of the Buddha, able to cure all suffering, get rid of all bad luck and able to reduce karma of people also.

Poolersi borommakoo ariyadabok told lp sawat that lersi mor cheevok amulets must be made by special herbs ingredient and he confirmed that someone will pass this special herbs ingredient to lp sawat soon.

Surprisingly, after 7 days , it came true, one looksit lersi is lp sawat’s friend from ban laethong ku, (lersi town) at amper oompang , he came to lp sawat temple and gave him all ingredients , which is

1)wan yah taewadah bok powder
2)bone pratat belong to koopoolersi

According to his friend lersi of lp sawat , he told lp sawat that poolersi borommakoo came to his dream and told him to pass all the special ingredient to lp sawat for doing the special amulet, that is why he made the trip to lp sawat temple.

Lp sawat use all the ingredients and made into the amulet lersi mor cheevok. Each piece is inserted with one handwritten takrut for call money by lp sawat.

On the back of the amulet is image of pra la na thong for super sales luck and attraction to everyone.

During the blessing ceremony, the old monk lp lap 67 years old also came to blessed together with lp sawat.

During the blessing ceremony, many white light balls of light were seen around the temple. This is roon 66 years birthday batch of amulets by lp sawat.

Lp sawat lersi Mor cheevok Komarapat (Strong wealth fetching, cure illness, reduce karma and fulfil all wishes)

According to lp sawat , this amulet lersi mor cheevok would bring complete good fortune, material luck, spiritual growth, peace, confidence and genuine happiness to the owner.

It can almost able to make one get rich and successful.

Important is this amulet is able to get rid of suffering (illness, poverty) and reduce karma for people.

Only limited pieces is made, so it will be sold out very very fast.

Get this piece of Lp sawat lersi Mor cheevok Komarapat at only $98sgd

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