Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Master of Great magical power Lp Sammat in Siamarts!!!

Great news!!! Siamart is proud to invite Lp Sammat first time here in Singapore for blessing during the Chinese new year period. The Lunar New Year is a hugely important time for the Chinese because it is believed that what you do during the first 15 days will directly influence your luck through the rest of the year.
Lp sammat will be doing special blessing for opening good luck for all devotees during the starting of snake year,

Luang Phor Sammat Biography
LP Saamat, the magical guru master who lived in the cave at the southern part of Thailand.
He is specialist in all charming, wealth and magical power of invulnerability.
He had the talent to combined both strong anicent thailand magic and islam magic , the perfect combination.
There is people who tested the master phra pidta amulet by holding on the hand while the master pour acid at the hand and it was not burned.
He is also specialist in the subject of removal of bad magic and transformation of fortune.

His teachers includes :
-Phor Tan Pleak of Wat Pak Prong,
-Phor Tan Prom of Wat Bansuan, Phatthalung (Sub Temple of Wat Kao Orh)
-Luang Pu Cher of Wat Klang Bang Keow, Nakorn Pattom
- Luang Por Ming - Grandson of Luang Pu Kong of Wat Sapatrod (Famous for his Hanuman and Tigers)
- Phor Tan Win of Wat YanserLuang Phor Kiem Promsutwan, Lusit of Luang Phor Yert of Wat Bandaan whom is also a direct lusit of Luang Pu Suk Wat Makamtao
-Tok Yee Pat (Islam) of Bang Maat whom is the Imam of the Muslim community in Trang
-Tok Yee Seang (Islam) of Phatthalung
-Tok Yee Wann (Islam) of PhatthalungKru Moley (Islam) which Luang Phor Saamak learnt Wiccha Saney attarction from
-Phram (Bramin) Chot, Grandson of Phor Tan Lop Tawitsuwan Sai Seewichai, Nakorn SeetamaratPhor Nan Yuee, Lusit of Kruba SriwichaiPhram (Bramin) Ajarn Pak Juab of Wat Kao Orh, Phatthalung (Famous for Jatukarm)
-Ajarn Liem Nayom, Lusit of ;Phor Tan Wan of Wat Matnoso
-Phor Tan Parn of Wat Kao Orh
-Phor Tan Nam of Wat Donsala
-Ajarn Poong Tap Tiang of Trang, Lusit of ;Phor Tan Lek of Wat Padu Hiang
-Luang Phor Seang of Wat Naitao
-Luang Phor Keow of Wat Song Bon
-Ajarn Koy Nayom, Lusit of Phor Tan Parn of Wat Kao Orh, Phatthalung
-Ajarn Pong Konglut Mengkantan, Lusit of Luang Phor Pradit of Wat KonglutAjarn Chin, Lusit of Phor Tan Seang of Wat Kong Namjet
-Ajarn Prakpon Mongjann, Lusit of Luang Phor Pradit of Wat Kongloop
-Ajarn Sopa Janma of Cambodia
-Ajarn Tuad Om of Phatthalung
-Ajarn Tong Inn of Phatthalung
-Ajarn Tong Jan of Phatthalung
-Ajarn Moung Tong of Phatthalung
-Ajarn Plein of Wat Kao Orh,
-Ajarn Doy Naa Tam of Laos
-Ajarn Moeng Dang of Laos
-Ajarn Boon Sanpaatong of Laos

(Special blessing ceremony by lp Sammat)

Many other special amulets will also brought over by lp Sammat but only in limited stocks.

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