Thursday, March 14, 2013

Master of incredible magical power, Luang Phor Kong here in Siamarts!!!

Great news!!!Siamart is proud to invite Luang Phor Kong, wat Prachaotho from Chiangmai Northern part of Thailand first time here in Singapore for  special blessing for opening good luck for all devotees during the starting of snake year. 
Luang Phor kong the great master from north of Thailand  who studied original lanna subject famous in metta mahasaney , calling wealth for all people. Many Thai people had given good feedback after receiving blessing  by lp kong.

(Sakyant har taew by lp kong)

Masters of Luang Phor Kong

- kruba kham torn, Wat Nongkhem , Sanphathong learn tattoo , remove black magic
- Kruba Tho , wat Pra tat su nan tha , MaeTeng  learn mahasaney (Ya deng subject ) , blessing amulets 
- Kruba Duang Kham , Wat PahMai Deng  , Chaiprakarn , learn candle serm duang subject ,  remove bad luck ritual , call money and wealth subject 
- Kruba  jaw Boon Tom , Wat PahTham ma chat doi Ngam,   learn do candle for love life , enhance family     life solve problem in love life and family life 
- Kruba Det Wat BanPong , Mae Jan , Chiang Rai , learn tattoo , kong kapan , metta 
- Kruba Boon mah , Wat  Duang Dee  , Chiang Mai learn candel , good trade mahasane 
- Por Narn Deng , San Pahthong , learn tattoo metta mahaniyom , protection , bleesing amulet , nanathong 
- Por Nang lai , Meang Hord , learn do candle sermdung , remove bad luck ritual
- Por Mor Lah , Om koi , learn Karen subject , remove black magic , tattoo , good trade 
- Pra Archan Thoi , Wat Huay Pi , uttaradit learn samati
- Pra kru Kitti Pattana so phon , wat Taw boon reung , learn kin aor pa ya maha mon tra , lanna subject  
- Por Narn Som , Ban Thom , learn blessing amulets , mahaniyom , mahasaney , protection 

Great event for this Year:

Lp Kong will be doing a wide range of ink and oil Sakyant for all devotees and also special candle pulling ritual for super good luck.

Many many other special ritual and blessing by lp Kong such as bring wealth, prosperity and lucky in gamble to worshiper. Moreover, his magical blessing can make the devotees to be more charming, sex appeal and attractive.

Many other special amulets will also brought over by lp Sammat but only in limited stocks.

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