Friday, September 30, 2016

Attract success and Spellbound peole to listen to you and agree to you by using amulets by the great Archan Max

Special amulet made by Archan max and lp chaiyat for strong wealth and attraction.
The best wealth fetching and luck super charger rian made by Archan max with the back yantra mong kong pra putta jaw for overall good luck and success.
Blessed on many auspicious ritual ceremony together with lp chaiyat. material made was tong fa bhat material.

Archan max rian haruman chaichana


Haruman is the Indian monkey god and is powerful for victorious in everything that you do and success.
Wear this rian can means all your undertakings, family matters, projects, encounters, social life, financial portfolios can be overturned to an
excellent status all year round. By wearing this rian regularly, nothing will be restrained and nothing will hold you back from advancing forward.
You will get galvanized into positive actions and emerge victorious because of your ability to transform misfortune luck into everything that ends with triumph.
It will also be success in business, profit, attract wealth and strong protection against your competitors or enemies.

Phra haruman grants all wishes and bring success and prosperity.
The rian haruman provides good networking luck, counter against bad energy,
which also represent success and improvement.
The yant the back symbolize accumulation of successes in both business and windfall luck. Then rian haruman will carry you to greater heights
and allow you to step into the truly fortunate path for maximum wealth success.

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Archan max see peung chang palsom kelong

Saney peung chang palsom kelong for attraction and charming for the user.
Chanted and made by Archan max using ingredients like
- one pair of handwritten salika takrut for persuasion and attraction
- nam man chang palsom kelong
- nam man saney oil
- wan dok tong
- wan sao long
- nam man chang tok mang
- see peung lp kway
- see peung p chaiyat

All ingredients was mixed together and chanted for 3 ceremony together with lp chaiyat.

According to Archan max, this cream can be used for trap the lovers heart and attract the ex lover back to the person, and also make yourself popular.

It spellbound people after they saw you and make them listen to your wishes.

The see peung cream chang palsom kelong brings about successful love and romance in a relationship. It is an elixir of romance for binding new couples together as well as for existing love couples who needs an ultra strong boost in their love commitments. For existing couples, it can move past negativity and return passion to a relationship.
It will stop interference from friends and relatives and allow two people to love each other, stay connected and develop their unfolding relationship in peace. This cream ensures bad romances flee away as the past and deep in the underlying layers one can find the most precious love that is uplifting at the time when there is least of hope in love life.

In the path forward, it produces invisible power of love, bewitching and enchanting seductive magnetism, which draws romance into ones life. They correspond to the passionate progression of: smiling at the beloved, holding hands, gazing into each other's eyes, embracing and kissing, and sexual union.

This cream can be used for
- Enhance Sales and attract profits
- Attract right people opportunity to you
- Charm ex lover back
- Attract the members of the opposite/ same sex
- Increase your popularity everywhere
- Well-liked by all including your most horrible boss
- Attract career advancement to go for higher position.

Way to use:
Apply on forehead, eyebrown and lips for best effect when charming others or toking persuasion.

Before this cream is completely sold out for good,
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 Accept PayPal, Western Union, Posb, Public Bank tt transfer.
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  Phone: +6591881863

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