Monday, April 14, 2008

Archan Maha Tana Lersi amulet Testimonial

I got a ton of email these days, some percentage of it was from people asking me for advice, and some percentage was from my friends and clients giving me good feedback for the amulets they had wore.
One such cases was the Archan Maha tana Phra Lersi with Salika which had gotten many positive Feedbacks.
Archan Maha Tana himself had mentioned with deep confidence and faith that the owner will be able to see result in 3 to 5 days times and amazingly, some of my friends and clients had already experience the good effect after wearing it.
I've decided to include and post a few of these positive feedbacks in my blog.

(Front view)

(back view)

Good relationship with people

Raymond (Not his real name) was a normal person who worked in an office as a consultant where most of his colleagues were female. He was naturally shy and introvert and the girls in the office seldom communicate with him.
After he had wore this Archan Maha tana lersi for 3 days onwards, he dropped me an email and mentioned to me that he was very happy and words could not express the incredible day he had experienced today while wearing his amulet to work.

Raymond mentioned that the most noticeable effect is the impact on all social aspects of his life with others and it seemed to erase personal space between people. Raymond said:" Woman in my office who I seldom communicate with suddenly approached me and started to tok to me. They will be very talkative, they'll welcome eye contact, smile when you smile and will even lean against you. This is so Astounding!!!" He even said that his boss(a guy) in his office also responded to him, treating him with more deference and respect. Literally, everyone responded.

Raymond added:" Even when on my way out for lunch, some of the people in the street will just looked at me and smiled, others will even come and ask me for road directions. More people were apt to stop and talk with me for a longer period of time than usual. I also felt chattier and a need to do be more social with others (both men and women). This was the first time that I had gotten so much responds and hits from people. I'm serious, all this stuff never used to happen in my work or in my life. Anyway this is so great."

Raymond now is a strong believer of Archan Maha Tana Phra lersi amulet and he wore this amulet everyday with even stronger faith.

Increase interpersonal good luck.

Daniel Ho(not his real name) had been unempolyed for 4 months and needed a job to feed his wife and 3 years old kid. He went for many job interviews but was unsuccessful. When he met me, he told me his life was full of setbacks and obstacles. I recommended him to wear this Archan Maha tana Phra lersi.

3 days later, he called me and told me that he was amazed that within 3 days after he wore the amulet, he could immediately experience a different in his life. Daniel said:" My life was full of obstacles but ever since I wore this Phra Lersi amulet, the obstacles have reduced SIGNIFICANTLY! My life sailed even smoother now:"

Within 3 days, one of the company called Daniel and ask him back for a second interview, which at that point of time, he was wearing this Lersi amulet. He went for the second interview with a positive attitude and was instantly hired.

I was also told by him that his life started to improve more following that. He ended the phone call by saying to me:" Stanley, my heartful THANKS for your invaluable help and advices. You are GREAT!"

Improvement in business, fortune and sales.

Joanne Lim ( real name) was from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. She was a sales representative for her company but her sales performance was bad.

After she wore this Archan maha tana Lersi for two weeks, she emailed me and said" This Lersi amulet is truly amazing! Simply superb! GREAT business opportunities keep coming to me and my sales profit has risen. Luck seems to be on my sides these days. In my life, I had never strikes a luck in gambling lottery, but I experienced the most joy and excitement when I won a small sum of money last week! It is not about the money but the positive luck which made the difference. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU STAN!!!"

I wish for everyone who had wore this Archan maha tana Lersi with Salika the best of luck and may your life contiuned to be even smoother in the near future.

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