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Archan Sup Brohmano

Biography of Archan Sup Brohmano

“Archan Sup Brohmano” was born in Saraburi province. His mother is the local people in Hin-Kong and his father is the local people in Koraj or Nakornrajasima province. “Archan Sup Brohmano” has 3 relatives, he is the elder brother.

Archan Sup Brohmano’s personalities are very quiet, he's willing to live alone.
When he had to go to school, he did not but he always went to the temple.
At that time everyone nearby him would like to know the reason, “Archan Sup Brohmano”only told them that he would like to learn the above skills that no one know. “Archan Sup Brohmano” knew one of the senior monk or luang tar. (in Thai we call senior monk, much more older than junior monk or the same age as grand father as “Luang tar”.)

He saw luang-tar did the magical drawing (tattoo) to the disciple and he would like to learn from luang-tar and asked luang-tar to teach him. Firstly, luang-tar did not allow Archan Sup Brohmano to learn the magic because he was too young just only grade 2 in school, finally, luang-tar said that if he can remember and do the morning and evening pray, which are very long lessons, luang-tar will teach the magic.

“Archan Sup Brohmano” really would like to learn, so, he tried to remember all and he was able to do and present to luang-tar, luang-tar was surprised and told that Archan’s fortune is written by above world and they willing archarn born to learn these subjects. Then luang-tar taught him but he has just a little while per day to learn.
He thought that he really would like to learn more, he planed to go with another monk, which is luang-tar’s student too but this monk learnt all already and prepared to go around to do pilgrimage.

He is luang-pee Dum, which is Khamer. Archan, in that period before monk he was novice, asked luang-pee Dum, luang-pee Dum can see strongly intension of Archan, luang-pee Dum allow Archan to go with him. At that time, Ar-charn just only 9 years old. Often that luang-pee Dum asked Ar-charn that “did you think of your family or your parents?” Archan replied “I also thinking of them but I need to learn first.”

2 years later, when Archan was 11 years old, luang-pee Dum need to come back to see luang-tar to do the spirit of teacher given by luang-tar but he cannot because he afraid that everyone will complain that he took Archan away. Archan said that “we really needed to go back to luang-tar, no worry, you go first, I will follow.”

When Archan Sup reach his territory, his mother and father was so pleased and willing him to stay with them. Archan Sup explain all the reason to his parents, finally, his parents understand him and allow him to go, also give him the pocket money.
Then Archan traveled to Kamer to learn with his father’s teacher in the magic field of glamour, which can make everyone love and help the one who carry this magic. He also learnt another field of sorceries for a year.
After that, he went to Laos and learnt with the hermit call “Tar-fire hermit” (in the meaning of fire eyes). This hermit taught him a lot about black magic of changing the surround thing to be the power, depend on his need.

Hermit also taught him about how to live and use the medicinal herbs. Archan was also be taught about hermit rules, which call “charn 19”, which is the hardest one. This lesson looked like to test Archan . At that time, Archan was only 13 years old, he needed to walk and pray 108 rounds, sit and pray 108 rounds and lay down and pray 108 rounds and the strong rule is, not allowed to sleep.

Whenever Archan can do all this, the hermit will teach him more in sorceries. Archan passed it and learnt more with hermit about how to make the magic chaplet. Finally, hermit sent Archan to Burmar to stay with the elder in there. His name’s “Make”.

Archan was 15 years old then and learnt more about the the magical drawing and another field of spirit of ghost to change and build to be the useful servants. Elder Mek said to Archan that the one who try to play with the spirit need to be careful because if there’s some mistake, everything will be destroy you.
This very challenge Archan and he success in this. There is another field of the magic of glamour but the monk and novice are not allowed to learn, only normal people (non-monk, non-novice status) can. Then Archan finished the lessons, needed to leave there, he was so sad because the elder Mek was very good with him.
“Archan Sup Brohmano” came back to his home town and learnt another field with another professor, for example, Archan Sa-ngad, which stay in Roi-ed province, in the field of the amulet (Royal dynasty amulet). Archan learnt for 2 years then finished. After that, he traveled to Lopburi province to be luang-poo Hong, of Khao Hong temple, to learn more in the glamour field, which call “Na Nah Thong”, is in the meaning of golden glamour magic, the one who carry or hold this magic will be the one who everybody nearby love and willing to help with sincere heart.

Then Archan traveled for pilgrimage to North-East of Thailand . He help and assist many local people around every area that he visit. “Archan Sup Brohmano” made the decision to build up his own hermitage in Ban Dong Mun village, Roi ed province. When Ar-charn’s age is able to ordain, he went to Ubonrajatani to do the ordination there with luang-poo Brohma. Luang-poo Brohma also taught him another magic’s field as we call “Tip Pra Mon” prayed. “Archan Sup Brohmano” would like to learn more in mentality field because he met one of Tibet monk (Lama) then he went to learn in Tibet for many months.
When he came back Thailand , he found that there are more and more disciples both inside and outside the country. Archan Sup also go to Singapore for pilgrimage. Most of the people know Ar-charn as “Luang-Por-Nen” because Ar-charn stood under monk rules. When Archan Sup learn all, nothing else, he thought of “elder Mek” word that there is another one field that he cannot teach to the monk. Archan made the decision to be out of monk, became non-monk status and back to learn with elder Mek, elder Mek very glad with coming of Archan.

He spent 1 year to learn all, then elder Mek death peacefully. Ar-charn went to learn with “elder Sai” in Thern district for 1 year. Then elder Sai’s terminate time came. Archan came back to home town and build up his own hermitage called “Brohmano” on the provided land by his disciple.

“Archan Sup Brohmano”
Chapter : Direct to Central plain, home town

When Archan reached his home town, he heard about the Pradoo-song-tham hermitage, which is famous for sorcery.

He go to ask for study another lesson here. He met one elder and taught him about the highest part of sorcery name’s “I ti pi so rattana mala” which need to spend for long time. Every evening, he need to learn more about the magical draw with many elders. Finally, he finished the lessons and plan to experience in order to be the professional in the field. When he finished all science, he plan to ordain and direct to the northern part, Burma to meet elder Mek to ask him to teach the other subject about glamour that the one who willing to learn need to be non-monk status. Archan’s ordination made he was able to learn this lesson. This call “Salika Porn Yeur”, which is very immediately show that the one how carry this amulet, powered enough to encourage another one who he talk to fall in love or really to help.

The process started with provide a golden pad preparing to be the amulet, then lay it on female’s breath, pray and write the magic on. Then deliver it to the female’s mouth by the prayer and use the male’s mouth bring the golden pad back from the female. Elder Mek taught and allow Archan to do the process with elder Mek’s granddaughter. When elder Mek taught all, he death. Archan come back again with the new life style in non-monk status but he still run his life under Budha 5 rules for normal life. That’s another reason why there are a lots of disciple willing to be Archan assistant. One thing, if you believe and trust in your teacher, you will successful.

“Archan Sup Brohmano”
Chapter : Direct to Burma for glamour sorcery

Archan Sup directed to Northern part in order to find the teacher. He traveled until he reached Burma and had an opportunity to meet many of teachers. But the most impression one is “elder Mek”, which very famous in glamour sorcery. He asked Archan that did Archan fear of the spirit of ghost? Archan replied “no”.
Then elder Mek ask Archan to follow the culture to ask to be someone’s student. Archan follow by then. Archan started to learn by remember all the pray, which are Burmese, Kammueng (Northern language) etc. One day, after Archan spent the time to remember all, elder Mek asked him if he ready to go for experiencing by himself. He prepared all stuff that need to use in the process, at that time he did not know what’s he going to experience and he feel that he would like to try.
Next Monday’s night, he understand all what’s the mentioned process. All stuff ready ; knife, magical rope, incense, candle, flower, Batr top and plain bottle, direct to the tomb. A little bit of scary feeling occurred to Ajarn but not as much because he feel more in challenging the new thing.

Inside the tomb, Archan was asked to find the new death people, the he found one and help together to dig the tomb box up and opened it. Archan a little scared of what’s in front of him. It’s the body of young pregnant female. Elder Mek said to Archan that do not fear in this, use the magic rope tided the body. Archan followed then. Elder Mek bring the baby out from the female body with ask Archan to pray for both of the spirit of ghost to pass away happily.

After that Archan did the argument respective to the ghost and asked for the permit from the ghost if he was able to bring the 2 spirit and carry with him, he will take care as best as he can. After the permit asking finish, there is a big wind flow and quiet again which is the sign that the spirit of ghost allowed him to carry them happily.
When he finished these science, there’s another one lesson that he were not able to learn because it against the monk’s rules. Then Archan knew that it was the time to come back home town with fully of new skills.

“Archan Sup Brohmano”
Chapter : Explored in Laos

Novice know one of the monk casually when he go for pilgrimage in North-East of Thailand . This monk’s name “luang por Sai”, was very strong and healthy. Luang Por Sai was smart in medical herbs and used to be the chief of the monk in Laos . He love novice and taught the knowledge of the herbs for the novice. Firstly, he taught the element science to Archan (Novice) because this is very important and can say that this is the first basic one that everyone who interested in this subject need to learn. Luang por Sai took the novice to Laos to Ban num Pair, which is very far and inconvenience community. The local people there were far from the town and know about the Buddhism by Luang por Sai, so they respect Luang por Sai very much.

In that community, everyone need to survive by local way in the forest. Novice learn and learn in element. One night, luang por Sai came and said that this is the time that Archan had a chance to test the element science. Archan did not understand well. Luang por Sai gave him a bag of rice. Few minutes later, he heard some strange sound from somewhere and found it. This looks like a children or monkey on the tree but has red eyes. Novice a little bit scare but Luang por Sai said that don’t be afraid of it, this call “Gong Goi” one type of ghost and if it can jump over someone, he or she will die. Luang por Sai asked novice to test the element knowledge by pray to mix the element with the rice in the bag and through to Gong Goi ghost. Novice follow then immediately and the ghost fall down. He plan to do again but Luang por asked him to make sure that it really out of power. Novice learnt all, then go to the next level fastly.

Next day, Luang por Sai taught the new knowledge to Archan, which call “Parod” (mercury) to adapt with the element and change or mix to be bigger power to protect or destroy something. The useful of the mercury such as:

Level 1 : First level of mercury can remedy 16 diseases.
Level 2 : Able to protect and preserve from the black sorcery and prevent from every type of ghost.
Level 3 : Able to travel by body movement without transportation or any traveling way or reach the Himmapharn forest (the forest of novel and pre paradise).
Currently, no one able to mix to touch the 3rd level.

To find the mercury not easy. Luang por Sai asked novice to go to little stream and provide the expired skin of pig or hen and put it in the clay jar. Then dig the soil and lay the jar inside leave for 7 days and go back to pick it up. After novice got the mercury, he need to learn how to killed the bad side of mercury and keep it in the bottle.

After finish testing this, Luang por Sai took novice to the Lee Phii water fall and Phii Yak Waii Hill to find one type of the herbs, which very hard to find. They spent more than a month to find, especially, Wann Pet Cha Hueng, which is the one that can able to do the level 3 mercury. In the forest was very dangerous. There are tigers, snake and other poison animals. Then they saw the importance Wann to do the 3rd level on the rubber plant tree.
They made the decision to overnight there and wait to the coming day to collect this herbs.

At that night, there is strange storm but both of them though that it’s normal situation in the forest. Next morning they were going to collect Wann Pet Cha Hueng. Both of them were in shock because the big rubber plant tree was destroyed by Pet Cha Huneng storm and all gone.

They were a little bit upset but they though that the herbs in hand were enough to mix to be the 1st and 2nd level of mercury.When they came back from the forest, it’s the time to mix the mercury and novice success. He finish the lessons again.
Luang por Sai took him to the hermit and have a chance to learn many high level of languages such as angle language, dhamma language, a ra ra da bong language and gobos language.
Fire science and create the element preservation doll from herbs roots.

After he finish, he decided to go out for pilgrimage.

“Archan Sup Brohmano”
Chapter : Direct to Kamer ( Cambodia)

Since the beginning of time for Archan Sup. He remembered that he face to many hidden thing. This is the one of his importance period that he had the opportunity to learn more.When he went to Kamer, he met Archan Thong Dum, which is the teacher of Archan Suthon, which is Archan Sup Brohmano’s teacher. He was very excited with the becoming thing when he saw many poor people come for asking for a help and they go back with the fine and normal status.

At that time, Archan Sup was a novice. He saw many case and Archan Thong Dum always teach him by teacher-moment or case. He told and teach novice to notice and look in each case and teach how to preserve each one.
Many things and many knowledge coming up and can say that the basic knowledge of sorcery had been provided from here.

These knowledge are very hard and lots of detail, but novice really willing to learn, he passed it.The trick is we need to know the weakness of each thing and edit by using the strong or other pray. When he finish this lessons,Archan Thong Dum taught him before he leave for his hometown that Archan Thong Dum which to see him use the knowledge for helping people and do the good way to assist the poor people as well.Novice respected and came back with the highest pride in himself in his life.

According to Archan Sup, he said that he will stop to learn Visha till the day he dies.

Archan Sup Brohmano amulets

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Archan Sup MaHa Net Piang Far (Mother’s Eye)

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