Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interesting love and wealth charms from Archan Thep

My recent visit is to see Archan thep, a guru master of making effective love charms and amulets.

Here some background of Archan thep:

When Archan Thep was 13 yeras old, he learnt black magic and also the ability to made powder of prai guman and takrut from his great grandfather and grandmother.

His maternal grandfather and grandmother then teach him advance level magic such as recite incantations to wake up the body of corpse. He also learn many visha magic from lp sakchai in wat sakeow.

While he was ordained (novice), he learn from lp wooraprot in jumpon , konken for 2 year
Archan thep also learn from many monk on pilgrimage in thailand and in Laos, studied many subject from Archan chum chaikeree also. Many people in asia who used his amulets do experience many good result as Archan thep is famous in doing magic for love , attraction and good carrer.
According to Archan thep, all amulet are self made and also hard to find for component and special ingredients to do. Most of his amulets are made very little and will not be redo again.

(Archan thep drawing yantra on my head for good metta and saney)

(Archan thep chanting and blessing)

(Archan thep blessing the amulets which I took from him)

I saw many interesting amulets made personally by Archan thep and took those limited pieces.
Most of his amulets are made with nam man prai, bone, nam man wahn and many love powder ingredients. Archan thep has given me katha for each respective amulets to be chanted for even better effect and result.

Archan Thep 's amulets.

Archan thep nang takien with bone amulet (sold out)



This amulet is made personally by archan thep craved out from mai takien tree. Inside is the lady spirit of mae takien. The mae takian tree powder is known as magical thing that has super power protecting from bad things and evil. The mae spirit can help in both love and good windfall wealth luck. Behind is inserted with a girl bone and two takrut. Extremely rare piece as mentioned by archan thep that mai takien tree wood is hard to find and make.
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Archan thep white tigers jaw saney (Strong opposite sex attraction) (Sold out)

Special takrut made by archan thep with chanted spell of white tiger lady
(for hunt opposite sex ) into the takrut with inserted nam man wahn saney oil and love powder.
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Archan thep phaya tan thong (Higher attraction than khun pean) (Sold out)



Special attraction amulet made by archan thep with inserted girl bone and 3 handwritten takrut behind. Archan thep mentioned that this amulet is stronger in attraction than khun pean and best for opposite sex attraction.
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Archan thep nam man wahn (love oil) (Sold out)

Special oil made and chanted by archan thep with written yantra on bottle.
Inside is fill with many love ingredients and takrut.
This oil is also mix with wahn sen nang lom, which means many girl around.The interesting factor about this wahn flower is that when this wahn bear flowers, whoever can smell the fragance, will feel wanna make love. Powerful oil.
To be apply on forehead and eyebrown. Best for attraction of opposite sex and love.
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I will be visiting Archan thep again for my next coming trip as i have requested him to specially do more custom made amulets for attraction and wealth.

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