Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's your New Year Resolution?

2008 is history.

With 2009 here, you might still be wrapped up in the new year 'fun mood'.

Still, I have to ask you ONE tough question...Did 'last year' gave you what you desired when it comes to dating, career, relationship, wealth and life?

If yes... sweet!
But if there're still struggles in that area, I believe your intention is to make things different this year. Yet, before you even scribble a single word under the "wealth and dating" category of your new year resolution, there's something to warn...

I came across a piece of news which states - when people were to set resolutions at the beginning of the year, most would FORGET what they set for themselves when March comes (let alone accomplishing that resolution).

Dark news? Yep, but don't worry... the part about how to 'hack'this situation is coming up.

My own take on why new year resolution loses its effectiveness is because - a resolution is just a 'plain statement'.
I mean consider these -
"I want to make 3 times more money this year"
"I decide to get a super-gorgeous girlfriend or boyfriend who is also intelligent"
"I commit to increase my wealth in 2009"

What's wrong with the above?

For a start, they lack some type of "support structure" to pull them off successfully.

Such a resolution is just a plain statement, NOT a plan.
It's like a skeleton, but there's no muscles or blood to ensure it functions properly.

Which is why -Instead of using any tired old resolution, enhance it with spiritual help using an amulet.

Be inspired, wear your amulet with faith and belief, make a wish and follow the path to carry out your new year resolution.

What better way then to wear a good amulet and having the faith and confidence to do what you wish to do in life.

The message is - make 2009 the year where you won't allow yourself to 'sweep things under the carpet'.

Make this the year where you FACE the essential things required to achieve your desired outcome in life.

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Happy 2009 (It's going to be your best and most socially-fulfilled year so far, right?)

With respect,

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