Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yet, another super great testimonials from Archan maha tana jet maha put takrut!!!

Here's a super powerful testimonial from a client of mine from USA.
He experiences breakthrough success after using the Archan maha tana red and yellow jet maha put takrut:

Read on....

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Orginial content copy and paste from email sent to me by my client (Name sensored):
(non edited with some spelling mistakes)

You're the man bro. I just can't thanks enough for your godd service. Just to let you that red and yellow takrut are really gambling lucks and opposite sex attraction.

I just hits $500 jackpot on slot machine and another $2500 on blackjack table on my ways trip to visit my family. I only play $160 on slot machine then hit $500 then I walk to the table, play about one hour and won that $2500. I just had these takruts about a month and went twice to casino and I make little more than $4000.

Bro I success you keep at least one for yourself. Remember last time I told you about my first dream a day before I receive the takruts.
Ever since I dream about so many girls come ask me to be my wife.

In my dream some night I got four wive in the same house. One more thing I want to share with you, second day after I got these takruts from you I wear to concert, out of no where one girl ask me to dance. so I did dance with her the whole time I was there, and she keep giving me money to tip female singer.

So many time she pull me up the stage to dance with female singer. Both, singer and her got freaky with me. Now she keep calling me and wanted me to go visit her. It just too bad I had wife and two kids. Any way just want you to know seriously, these takruts are really powerful, you should keep one maybe for your kids. There is more story to tell but I rather keep to myself. maybe if I get to go back to Laos or Thailand in a few year and happen to run into you I'll you the rest what happened since I got this takruts.

Until then. Bro you take care and thanks once more.


These are the two red and yellow takrut which my client used,

Archan maha tana red jet maha pu takrut (7 angel thep inside for attraction and good luck in career and business) (Made 29 pieces only) (strongly recommended)

Archan maha tana yellow jet maha pu takrut SPECIAL EDITION (7 angel thep inside for attraction and good luck in career and business) (Made 29 pieces only) (Can be used together with Jet maha put takrut red for enhance effect and power)

As you read every word of this testimonials and others by archan maha tana, you will become amazed and stunned at how powerful this takruts really are.

By knowing this information, if you still dont own a set of this archan maha tana red and yellow takrut, you be outdated and also missing out on a good set of takruts. Proven facts!!!!

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