Thursday, May 6, 2010

Amazing!!! Hidden source of power for more and better in your love life

(Kruba det blessing the amulets)

Kruba det had created a special amulet call khun pean sam payon artan, which is a combination of khun pean, in ku couple, chang palsom kelong and mar sep lang with khuman thong behind.
This is one of best source of hidden power for amping up your metta, attraction and love life.

kruba det Phra khun pean sam payon artan (Best for attraction,metta and charm back ex lover) (Super highly recommended)



Front of amulet include:
Image of khun pean ,
Inn ku couple hugging,
In mar(mar sep nang) (Horse making love with lady),
In chang(or chang pasom khong ) (Elephant making love),
made from powder prayah tae krua as collected by kruba det over the years.

Behind have kuman thong kanong det for call money and protect the user from all bad thing and evil.

There is yant na ma hah la luai and yant na ram rai for people love, guy/girl love , whoever who own this amulet will possessed strong metta and saney attraction.
Also inserted with handwritten takrut hui jai naree ram peung (girl/guy think of the user all time) personally by kruba det piece by piece.
If you remember this is the yantra takrut which is super famous he Incorporate from the yellow takrut na ree rum peng.

Other materiAL include:
- prom prai powder
- soil from 7 cemetary
- soil from the river
- wan metta 108 type.

According to kruba det, this amulet is highly suitable forpeople who are looking find gf/bf ..want girl /guy love ..or who have problem with love life/ family life..and good for people doing sales and business also.
Kruba det mentioned that there are many feedbacks from his looksit in thailand who had good feedback after using this kruba det khun pean amulets.

One of his looksit (girl) in payao province, name call khun jintanah
Her husband left her. After she kept this amulet for only 3 days , she chanted and make wish, then the husband return to her and listen to everything she says.

Another looksit name Khun boonsong in nontaburi , owner of factory never had any girlfriend before cos he dont look handsome and dont know how to communicate to the opposite sex, after he keep this amulet by kruba det, then suddenly got gf and many other girls suddenly came to him.
Powerful freedom to choose which girl he like.
People believed That kruba det amulets represent of wealth, opportunity, luck
and love.

Khun pean sam payon artan is very limited produced and kruba det intend to stop making this batch of khun pean after he finished doing this first batch.
So only one batch of this khun pean sam payon artan will be made. Once finish will consider sold out for good.


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