Saturday, April 17, 2010

Super charming amulets from Luang Phor Somchai of Wat Darn Gwee-an

(Temple of Lp Somchai Wat Darn Gwee-an)

Been a while since my last post on the blog as been busy travelling to Thailand to run some errands. Went to visit the popular Luang Phor somchai of Wat Darn Gwee-an during this trip.

(Lp somchai blessing the amulets by him)

LP SomChai of Wat Darn Gwee-an, Nakhon Ratchasima province is well-known among Guman Thong amulet collectors. LP SomChai has knowledge of Visha (magic) and has been studied the art of making efficacious Guman Thong amulet from many masters. Also, he learned further from Khmer ancient magic book. His amulet very well-know in previous era. LP Somchai made many special amulets in ancient style.

( lp somchai doing yantra sermduang on my back)

(More special ritual done using cambodia magic)
Lp somchai had made some batch of special amulets which is different from other masters.
Mostly spirits and charming amulets made of bone and special ingredients.

Luang Phor Somchai amulets

lp somchai Charming NangRub Locket with woman Bone special edition (Highly recommended)



LP SomChai created the amulet from ancient Cambodia method and awfully blessed on auspicious time by himself.

Material: there are many holy masses for making this amulet such as
1. Enamel
2. Phong Prai (holy powder)
3. A bone of woman
4. Charming Takrut

Charming NangRub Locket – bringing great charm, sex appeal and lucky in love to worshiper.
This NangRub locket is made only 9 pieces and had superb power about bringing supreme charm, sex appeal and lucky in love to worshiper. Moreover, there is great power about bringing wealth and success to worshiper.

Price: Sold out!!!

Lp Somchai nangpray (Great Charming from Opposite Sexual and wealth luck) (highly recommended)



LP SomChai make and write Yahn script one by one and calls the woman spirits into the images with ancient KaTha.
Nangpray means a woman is lying down.
The important material use to make this amulet is
1. Dead Woman Skin from stomach.
2. Soil from Cemeteries.
3. Many kinds of material are known as magic that make amulets. It is top secret about many materials.
4. Oil from human corpse.
This 4 ingredient make this amulet super powerful. The special method to use is this amulet when making any wishes need to spray perfume on the amulet then make wish, this will ensure that the nangpray will fufil all wishes for the owner.

Get this Lp Somchai nangpray at: $88sgd
lp somchai NangRub patyant (Strong attraction) (Sold out)

LP SomChai created and awfully blessed this charming cloth for nine months on auspicious time by himself. In addition, LP SomChai soaked the charming cloth in Namman Prai Dum (holy oil) then LP blessed the charming cloth until a ghost stayed in it.

This charming cloth has many supernatural powers such as bringing great charm, love, wealth and luck to worshiper.
This patyant can be wore in the pants pocket or in bag.

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