Sunday, March 13, 2011

The amazing takrut by Kruba Det that can enhances everything in life!!!

(Kruba det)

I'm as excited as you are. The great kruba det had made another great takrut using ancient lost lanna subject. The takrut that can enhances everything in life, call Takrut Koorak duang som pong.

kruba det blessed the takrut on a veryspecial day at night time and each piece was handwritten with yant hua jai chai and hua jai ying.

Each piece tie by magicial string..and had blessed on the funeral pyre at the cemetery.

The special method for this amulet:

1) This is a love amulet that protects one from being separated from their loved ones. It creates a romance that is free from troublesmakers and nasty quarrels that could lead to separation. One would simply gain complete happiness in love.

For those who are afraid of losing their beloved male /female partners to the third party, this amulet can enhances the fate of the marriage or relationship and get rid of all third party.

Then two naga dragon signifies hard-to-be-torn apart relationship and is best suited for couples who often breakup and reconcile finally achieve a stable relationship. They will make your relationship work for you.

There is a special mantra for the user to chant in order to enhance the relationship, love and anti-separation which makes the amulet more effective and powerful.

2) This takrut can be placed into the water and able to do holy water to sprinkle onto the shop or all stock for good trading and super good business.Wearing this takrut also promote good sales luck, best for people in the sales trade.

3) For those people having bad luck, this takrut can be placed into the water and use for shower and washing the face to remove bad luck and enhances good luck to come also. If shower everyday using this method will make the person becoem super lucky in life.

kruba det takrut Koorak duang som pong (Enhances true love life, relationship, good luck and fate) (5 star highly recommended)

Their combination of the 3 method will provide the following blessings:
1. Igniting sparks back into a love relationship.
2. Instill harmony and affection for married couples. Preventing separation and divorce.
3. Create peach blossom luck for singles.
4. Respond to ones wishes and enhance good luck.
5. Ward off negativities resulting in protection.

Made only 38 pieces by kruba det and according to him, this takrut will not be made anymore as it is only chanted on that very special day which happens 72 years per one time.
You will not want to miss out on this opportunity to own this amazing takrut

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