Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Need more love and wealth luck? This powerful amulets by lp Suphasit will help you!!!

(lp suphasit doing blessing on me)

My favourite monk Lp supahsit had recently made another new batch of amulets for enhancing love and wealth.

lp suphasit pra lak na thong (miracle angel god that bring great attraction, wealth and luck to the owner)

Special pra lak na thong amulet made by lp suphasit and chanted for a period of 9 ceremonies. This amulet posses super strong metta.

Made by many powder wan , for metta mahasaney , promprai, sane yah fed sane powder and 108 herbs. After the amulet is made, lp suphasit painted one layer of wan doktong oil, and elephant oil on the amulet to enhance the power and effect even more.

Behind is inserted with takut sillver huajai pra luck (Heart sutra of pra lak na thong).

Each piece is hand -written by lp suphasit and then while chanting, inserted piece by piece into each amulets.

Total made only 28 piece of pra lak na thong amulets.

Phra Lak Nah Thong , the miracle object which is the best of the era. Kindness {Metta Mahaniyom} the best of Montra Mahasaney. To give luck, wealthy and money come and go easily and can negotiate until wealthy.

Phra Lak is known as hero that having handsome and charming. Everyone who saw or have an eye contact with him will fall in love. According to lp suphasit , wearing this amulet is as good as having done 10 na na thong ritual on the face, making u super lucky and charming.

Wearing of this amulet will harvest opportunity luck, magnifies chances of success in all endeavours and prosperity.Pra lak na thong surprises people by turning bad luck into good luck. It would mysteriously carve out path of opportunities to your business, work, career or all other pursuits of your life. Since it is powerful in attraction and metta, its presence brings you fame, good sales luck and popularity.

Before the 28 pieces is completely sold out for good,
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lp suphasit nam man prai nang kruan cream with silver saney takrut (Change people mind, attract ex lover and mend back relationship) (Sold out)

This is the hardest cream to make according to lp suphasit as he chanted full power into the cream.Inside is nam man prai(corpse oil) of 7 spirit mix with wan dok tong real, wan nang sen lom, wan saw long ,oil chang be in rut.

Then chanted with mantra super attraction and mahalarai katha at nite time. lp supashit created this charming cream in auspicious time and strongly blessed with special magic that he studied from Cambodia.

This NamMan Prai nang kruan is especially powerful in charming with opposite sex. According to lp suphasit:

1)If the owner wants the wife or ex lover to come back you can use this cream make wish and touch on the opposite sex to make her change mind

2) If the owner wants to make the lover love him forever, can use this cream and touch on the opposite sex

3) The owner can carry this cream and go to any where, it will help you have good relationships.

Using this cream can fosters loving relationships, dissolves obstacles, ensures a smooth ride for everyone and create a harmonious family. /this cream can also be used for those seeking for new romance or would like to strengthen their current love life.

Made only 12 can of this rare nam man prai cream. Once sold out will not be produced anymore.

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