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Super Rare Kruba Keow Mah 1st batch Pra Kring with 16 bones of famous monk inserted!!!

During Year 2546,
Kruba keow mah created one special batch of Pra Kring Roon baramee 30 tat that is known as one of the best batch of amulet ever made by him.

Kruba keow mah collected the material and chanted for many years in the process of making this pra kring to make it super powerful.

Each piece is made from precentage of real gold ,loha and tawa, with holy yantra inscribed below the base of the pra kring each piece by kruba keow mah himself.

Inside is inserted with one only kring while shaken will produced a nice ringing sound while symbolizes super good luck.

The unique quality of this pra kring is that below is inserted with bone powder of 16 holy famous monks from around thailand.

So according to kruba keow mah, wearing this pra kring is equal to protection and blessing of good luck from 16 different monks.

The Bone powder of holy 16 monks are:

1. lp promma jirapunyo , wat banding yen , udorntani
2. lp waen sujinno , doi mae pung temple , cheangmai ,
3. lp fun ajaro , sakornnakorn
4. lp sim puttajaro , thumpapong temple ,cheangmai
5. lp don , burapah temple surin
6. lp taed taed rung see , hinmakpaeng temple , nongkai
7. lp chop tanasamo , loey
8. lp cha supatto , nongpahpong temple ..
9. lp lah khaempatto , mukdaharn
10. Somdet mahamunee wong , bowronnat temple , Bangkok
11. lp khao ananyo , udontani
12. lp boonjan tamalo , udontani
13 lp lue sukpunyo ,mukdaharn
14. lp lee titathammo . haewluek temple , sakonnakorn

15. lp aun , doibundai sawan temple
16. lp khampong , thamkokdoo temple , nongbualampoo

Kruba keow mah collected all 16 bone powder of holy monk and mix all together , then inserted the powder inside each piece of Pra Kring at the base.

kruba keow mah Pra kring first batch roon baramee 30 tat (Super rare and strongly highly recommended) (2 pieces left)

While chanting this batch of pra kring in year 2546, many holy round beam of light was visible at wat rongdoo.

According to kruba keow mah,this pra kring can help in increase good luck, good health, super protection and escape from all bad things

Another important purpose of this pra kring is the protective cure against lawsuits, legal problems, disturbances from police or political forces.

Very limited pieces is made for this pra kring amulets. Only have two pieces left !!!
Remmeber that this batch of amulet is the first batch of amuelts ever made by kruba keow mah before he passed away. so you will never, and i mean never able to get another piece same made by him again after it is sold out

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