Friday, June 1, 2012

Powerful Takrut by Lp Jan that can penetrate Casino to Win, Winning in lottery, Winning in all aspects of life.

This takrut seang chok bor yan is made and blessed by lp jan on auspicious day call “duang setti day” meaning the millionaire day and on the time where the star in the universe is the strongest.

Then it is soak together with pot of ngoo leum skin and oil, the guidance spirit snake call “ Ngoo pu som”which die itself . Lp jan chanted it together in the way where the snake spirit came into each takrut for the power to look after asset, search for gold and lots of money.

Then it is inserted with the following ingredient:
- Soil 7 tah
- Soil from center of 7 countries.
- Soil from ancient places where people gamble last time.
- Takrai powder
- Powder of top of prasat in Cambodia 7 provinces
- Soil from entrance of 9 Cambodia temples. (Meaning for money to come always)
- Elephant Hook powder 200 years for call money, good luck, winning heart of people)
In order to faster enhance the power of this takrut,

The other most important ingredient is lp jan inserted one ash prom prai powder of a guy who when he was alive always like to gamble and won in every game. Cambodia people called him the god of gambler. Lp jan called the spirit into the takrut for super good effect in gambling luck, windfall luck and most importantly able to penetrate into the casino or gambling den for super high chance of winning.

Then Lp jan mix all material together and inserted into the takrut and then he chanted the katha for winning called " maha sakot" and" maha sayop" into all the Takrut.

Lp Jan takrut seang chok bor yan ( for winning in casino, gambling, lottery and in all aspects of life) (highly recommended for anyone who want to be filthy rich)

Rule 1:

According to lp jan , in order for this takrut to work, the user must first have great faith and belief in this takrut then it will magnify speculative affairs such as lotteries, 4-digits, football bets, horse racing and the stock market. Place the takrut together with the investment folder, share certificates or gambling tickets to bring maximum opportunities of winning or striking large gains.

Rule 2:

The other aspect of the takrut is it can also give six sense for lottery luck to the owner. If the user make the wish and it came true or if the user strike lottery after having the six sense, the owner must do merit and transfer the merits to the teacher who made this takrut . Merit must also be done and transfer to any god or goddess who give six sense to the owner for striking lottery. (transfer merit often for never ending abundant of food and money to the owner)

Therefore, it is compulsory for everyone to own a takrut seang chok bor yan in order to become filthy rich in life.
Super limited pieces made only and will be sold out 100%

Immediately get this piece of Lp Jan takrut seang chok bor yan at $98sgd only

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