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The great master lersi Puttavet here in siamarts (24/08 - 01/09)

(Lersi puttavet yant ku tattoo)

History and Biography of Pu Lersi Phuttavet Khemmatevo

Pu Lersi Phuttavet Khemmatevo was born in Nakhonsawan province in the middle of Thailand. Nakhonsawan was the provine of magic knowledge and the famous masters such as Luang Phor Phrom Wat Chongkae, Luang Phor Derm Wat Nongpho, Luang Phor Rung Wat Nongsinaun, Luang Phor Oad Wat Chansen etc. And all of magic knowledge was passed to Pu Lersi Phuttavet already.

Pu Lersi Phuttavet has two grandfathers, one of them was the disciple of Luang Phor Phrom Wat Chongkae and Luang Phor Derm Nongpho. And another one was the disciple of Luang Phor Kuay Wat Kositaram, Luang Pu Aep Wat Sakunaram and Luang Pu Lek Wat Bannong. They were the top master of this area and they practice all of knowledge to Pu Lersi Phuttavet since he was a young boy.

He took five years to learn a lot of magic formulas. When Pu Lersi Phuttavet learned magic skills from his grandfathers, he had gone around Thailand to practice with other master such as Luang Pu Intra Wat Dongman who was the disciple of Pu Warn Kornbai and Luang Phor Lour Wat Sawchangok for blessing three-color charming lip wax skill and blessing Paladkhick skill, Luang Pu Sakorn Wat Nongkrub who was the disciple of Luang Pu Tim Wat Laharnrai for blessing charming holy water skill, Ajarn Vimarn of Cambodia for meditation skill and command ghost & spirit skill, Ajarn Boonma (brother of Aj. Vimarn) for Luang Pu Suk Wat Pakkhlong’s magic skill and making magic amulets skill, Ajarn Yokphon of Mahasarakarm for charming magic skill and magic herbs skill, Ajarn Vetya of Phukeaw for calling human’s spirit skill and cooking love potion skill, Ajarn Prayad for Deva’s magic skill and cosmos power skill, Phor Ajarn Som of Chingmai for making love potion, Kumarntong, Kwaiytanoo, Hoonpayone, Nummanpray and magic tattoo skill, Jaow Sayataw Puntita of Myanmar for Burmese’s magic skill and learning many magic skills from many masters etc.

Pu Lersi Phuttavet was the one of a little bit people that can feel the greatest spirit of Luang Pu Thep Lok Udorn and even been his successor about the supreme magic and Holy Spirit.

Nowadays, Pu Lersi Phuttavet is in the top ten masters of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. He is a famous master who has many disciples in variety of occupations such as teacher, professor, doctor, soldier, actor, singer, producer, reporter, student, monk, merchant

The most famous magic of Pu Lersi Phuttavet is charming magic. He makes in many amulet styles such as Khunphan, Paladkhick, Inn Keaw - Inn Tong, Mae Per, Pra sri saran ngan, Lip wax, Charming oil, Love potion and other charming amulets of South East Asia. In Thailand “Pu Lersi Phuttavet” is the one of greatest charming master today so we can call him as “The Last wizard of the century”

Lersi Phuttavet Siamarts event:

Lersi will be here from  24 Aug to 01 Sep

Lersi phuttavet will be conducting ritual for

- Sakayant tattoo in both oil and ink

- Sakyant in oil remove point for 7 born days on diferent point of the body using myanmar subject.

- Candle pulling and eating ritual

- Saney magic for both same/ opposite sex attraction.

and more...

Many other special amulets will also brought over by Lersi Phuttavet but only in limited stocks.

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