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The amazing 9 tail Fox Deity Spirit amulet by Lersi Puttavet !!!!

(Lersi puttavet blessing the 9 tail fox spirit)

                                             (Lersi puttavet blessing the 9 tail fox spirit)

Special 9 tail fox spirit locket amulet by Lersi puttavet
Lersi puttavet had recently made a new batch of powerful amulet called the 9 tail fox spirit locket.
This is one of the most popular amulet now due to it's good effect and wealth.

Story of the 9 tail fox spirit
The Nine-tailed fox In Japanese folklore it is believed that foxes -or 'kitsune' as they are also called- are intelligent beings and possess magical abilities. The more tails a kitsune has the older, wiser, and more powerful it is. In some folktales it is said that a kitsune will only grow an additional tail when it has lived for 1000 years. When a kitsune
grows its ninth tail, its fur becomes golden or white. These nine-tailed foxes gain the abilities to see and hear anything happening anywhere in the world. Other tales attribute them infinite wisdom. Most notably they are known for their ability to take on human forms an ability learned when it reaches a certain age (usually 100 years). Foxes are particularly renowned for impersonating beautiful women. Common belief in medieval Japan was that any woman encountered alone, especially at dusk or night, could be a fox. Other supernatural abilities commonly attributed to the kitsune
include possession, mouths or tails that generate fire or lightning (known as kitsune-bi; literally, fox-fire), wilful manifestation in the dreams of others, flight, invisibility and the creation of illusions so elaborate as to be almost indistinguishable from reality.

Fox Deity had practiced every 500 years, its tail will split into 2 halves '2tails'. The 9 Tails Fox is the highest State of Cultivation of Fox Deity. Nowadays, many Fox Deity enshrined in China, Taiwan, Japan (known as Inary Deity), Hong Kong and others. Many experienced of Superstars who worshipping Fox Deith have became more attractive (eyebrows & eyes become look like of Fox), good luck & wealthy.

According to lersi puttavet, he had use over 100 best types of material to make into this amulet.

- Powder of soil where ancient warrior khun pean made ritual for do magic.
- Powder of great master lp pinak, archan plin, archan wara prakan, archan yorkpron, lp chern and many more.
- Beads from tibet 1000 years for good luck and wealth
- black beads from myannmar for wealth
- Forehead bone of girl
- holy powder wahn
- soil from cemetry
and many many other material.....

(100+ material use for making the 9 tail fox spirit)

Lersi puttavet chanted this batch of fox spirit on one major ceremony with other 8 archan and monks including:

- Phra Archan Thep
- Archan Ves
- Kruba Porn
- Archan kan
- Archan Nan
- Archan Yar narin
- Kruba ta wat
- Phra Archan Cow

And after that lersi puttavet chanted for another 8 ritual at nite time to invite the 9 tail fox spirit into the locket.



According to lersi puttavet, the 9 tail fox spirit can help in 9 different kind of wealth, especially gambling luck and career wealth.
If one suffers from ailing finances due to recession resulting in investment losses, declining assets, joblessness and deteriorating business progress. The 9 tail fox spiritlocket amulet will set your bearings right again so that you can regain your pre-recession values. Your financial difficulties will change back into positive cash flow, meaning if whoever own you money, you are able to get it back to the rightful owner.

The 9 tail fox spirit can also help in love and attraction, it is able to hypnotise the opposite/ same sex into loving the person and also be faithful to him/her.  This amulet can be used to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck. Due to the beauty of the lady fox spirit, she would definitely make the wearer more attractive than before, thus inviting many many potential people into their lives.

Today, almost all Thai amulets enthusiasts are craving to own this 9 tail fox spirit for all kinds of good fortune, divine protection, good health, wealth, prosperity from heaven, double longevity, victory over foes, windfall luck and ultimate good luck.

Total piece made for this batch is only 30 pieces. Yes only 30 pieces only.

An amulet not to be missed out!!!

Price at only $318sgd (Sold out)

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Phaya naga keow amulet by Lersi puttavet



Special 8 dragon phaya naga round amulet made by lersi puttavet for raising luck and wealth.
Front of amulet show 8 naga dragon bundle together in a good luck protection formation with a holy gem in front.

Behind the amulet feature a warload, wildboar head goddess, who is victories in all war and everything.
Made from many holy materials including:
- Powder jakapak by lp doo
- soil from 12 holy pagonda
- Powder pa ta
- soil from holy temple
- wahn 108

and many many more.

According to lersi puttavet, the 8 dragon can help in lifting the owner to great height ensuring success in all aspects of his life. The power of eight dragon magnifies your prosperity to the maximum. The eight dragons signify growth potential, especially auspicious to generate career enhancement, promotional luck, multiplication in business opportunities, doubling of wealth resources and doubling of good fortune for the family.

The warload goddess on the back ensure the user to be able to win in all aspects of his life.
It can
1. ward off evil
2. maneuver your life smoothly against all tides
3. combat resistance and winning against your competitor
4. Winning in gambling and lottery also

Lersi puttavet chanted for a total of 9 ritual for this amulet till it became very powerful.

Made only limited pieces!!!

Price at only $88sgd (last few pieces left)

Accept PayPal, Western Union, Posb, Public Bank tt transfer.
Contact me by Email for any enquires:

Phone: +6591881863


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