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Best of love charm for getting ex lover back, enhance a gurrent relationship and getting rid of 3rd party by the powerful master Archan Em

(Great master Archan Em)

Archan Em back ground
Archan Em was born in Ban Nong Muen Hoa, Thambon Nonsoong, Amper Meung , Udontani province , His grandfather lived in Burirum province (Cambodian ) , before Archan Em born  , his mother had dreamed  of a monk (tudong) gave the Nang Paya black color to mother, after that Archan Em was born when he was 9 yrs
old , there was a forecast master came to forecast his mother said “this boy he was born for the knowledge of black magic.
During early childhood, Archan Em became very quite and didnt hangout with the other children. During a trip, he went to visit his grandmother and she gave him the book of chanting mantra.
He enjoyed and found the passion of reading mantra chanting books, sometime he went to visit his grandfather house (his grandfather is black magic master ), he saw the Cambodian book kata (old black magic book Cambodian languages some page are Thai languages , inside got teaching mantra and chanting )
He stole the book that the grandfather love to read often , like play wiith the amuets that belong to his grandfather and the wax charm herbs with oil. Every time he was playing those amulets he was feeling exciting and passionate. 

Sometime he played the buffalo skin that had written yantra in it , but the grandfather no liked that he go and play those amulets and amulets room , said inside there are many ghosts. Archan Em then had to stopped to go played in the amulets room, but he became interested in mantra book of Cambodia which belong to the grandfather instead ,when the grandfather no around he like steal to read
those kata Cambodia book, until able to chant without opening the book,
AS time goes by, his grandfather caught Archan Em that he stealing to read those black magic book and able to recite all the kata correctly without missing one word.
The grandfather afraid that his nephew will go crazy , because of those Cambodian subject cannot be learned without proper guidance.
Normal human must pray and do the ritual pray those master before learning the Cambodian magic , so the grandfather asked Archan Em went to take the flower to pray those Cambodian master and do the ritual for learn the black magic subject
Ever since that time, the  grandfather had teach all Cambodian subject to Archan Em.
The grandfather said “ most human start to learn the black magic only when they are adult but for Archan Em case, he no choice but to teach and transfer Cambodian subject him , because of Ac Em had steal to learn himself and afraid he will go crazy.”
The grandfather said when Archan em was 10 yrs old, he started to do the charming wax first time, and gave to the man go apply wax on the girls, got many effective, some couple can married each other after that those man became more flirty because of the charm wax is very effective  and strong charming attraction.
When Archan EM was 15 year old , Ac Em had ordain and was monk at Ban Don Kaew, Amper Kumpawapee , and studied magic with  Pra Ac Kiattisak Anarnyo Pikhu (Monk) , who is very famous in Meditation follow subject of LP Pan and Lersi Ling Dam , and had learn Kasin Fai , Din ,Nam  (fire , earth , water  subject )
After that Monk Em was keep traveling to studied Cambodian subject  with “Pu Sao”  who is very famous in Cambodian back magic  (Pu Sao is Disciple of Pu Leu Lid who is Cambodian monk , was very famous in Cambodia
and Thailand that time ) , monk EM had learn black magic with Pu Soa for 5 months next stared to learn to do “ kuman thong subject  ” , after finish all subject with Pu Soa, Archan em that time keep finding new master to learn with , and found the old monk in the forest while traveling at Ban Don pila Cemetery, Amper Kudjab, Udontani , had learn many magic with this master , the charming , metta and protection
After that Archan Em keep traveling and found “Pra Ac Chanyut” who was a monk and was a pure Cambodian monk who moved to Thailand
During that time, Pra Ac Chanyut is very famous in Northeast of Thailand , had learn about subject cure disease by herbs  ,charm wax  mahasane ka thom yeaw , before Pra Ac Chanyut been monk he was very flirt and had total of 48 wifes.
Pra ac Chanyut had teach Archan EM many charming subject (are pure Cambodian subject ) such as making Nam man Prai , tattoo salika linthong , takut metta , charm takut , yafek (charm powder able to feed the lover), remove black magic , protection , call back lover subject , all subject monk Em had learn with this Pra
ac Chanyut , that time Pra Ac Chanyut bring Archan Em  go learn subject with “ Lersi Meuy” at wat Pra Jaw non , Ban Pak boong , Amper Banpeu.
Lersi Meuy is best friend of grandfather of Archan Em also , Lersi Meuy long time ago he was a Bandit Leader and had black magic to make people at night asleep and easy to robbed , had good protection and can esacpe from the police.
Then Lersi Meuy had teach all subject to both of Them , and after Pra Ac Chanyut had back , Archan Em still keep studying and stay with Lersi Muey utill he had learn finish all subject from him.
During time to stay with Lersi Meuy , Monk Em also met one more master is “ Lp Tean ” Who is very famous in 3 element subject and eiti pi so tod (remove all the bad things subject) For help people who bad luck , remove back  magic , after that Archan Em had moved to “Hai Yu crave” to do meditation and practice magic
alone in the crave.
Archan Em had pray guidance sprits who protect that crave to allow him come to stay.
Archan Em then stayed in this crave for 3 months during Khao pan sa period (Rain season)

While monk Archan Em was staying in this crave he met a priest who know magic and this priest had bring him to stay In Khao Samthep ( Mountain) , Amper Nangyoong , learn element subject .
After that Phra archan Em quit from monkhood and went to Chiangmai to learn Lanna subject with Lersi Narn Tawatchai , Learn candle for make people return money (who borrow money never return ) , do Nam man prai,
do ghost amulets , remove bad luck , remove black magic , increase luck , return back magic to the owner , charm subject , pettaya torn yai subject,Paya khao kham (buffalo god 700 yrs ago this subject ) , do yafek (charm powder able to feed the lover ) , increase charming ritual (do on face  ) , do kumanthong , do black magic on the lover to make the lover crazy in love , call back lover ,  inku subject , inku angle is
hugging god ,  bull tanoo good in protection and ma sep nang
Presently Archan Em still keep learning subject with many master , such as Archan Yok , who is friend of Nain air or Lee Air and  learn charm Cambodian subject together with Lee air that time in cambodia.
Archan Em had learn NMP subject , charm subject , do black magic on the lover , call back lover And still have many  master that Ac Em did not write in his back ground

Ac Em is very famous in northeast of thaialand till many TV show invite him go interview  , many overseas people always come find him to do call back lover ritual , increase luck ritual , increase charming , he is famous in Taw ner hom , Nang ner hom subject , every one who come to visit him must do this ritual (paste
gold foil on the body increase charming , wealth , money , good business )and famous in Bupakaree takut  for good business good luck, wealth , call money 
Do you feel:
- Lack of respect and rapport from your wife/husband or lover
- That there is always obstacles in love life
- Your husband/ wife or boy/girlfriend had a third party outside and lost the appeal towards you
- Your husband /wife love the third party more then you.
- Boy/Girlfriend or Husband/wife had lost feelings for you and leave you
- Love Life always up and down, can`t seem to achieve balance
- Can't seem to find the right soulmate for yourself.
- You try to call your lover but she/he ignore you, block you from watsapp, number and sms.
- You are gay or lesbian but cant seem to maintain a normal love relationship
- Lack of attraction and charming towards the opposite sex.
Archan Em lover doll 52 prai for charm and get back ex lover.

Archan em specially made this doll  for solving all this problem using old Cambodia subject.
The doll was made using 52 ghosts prai for catching the heart of the lover back to the user
Ingredient : doll made by pure candle + mix together with nam man prai total 52 ghost , ash bone inside each dolls there are 52 spirits man and girls spirits , the power of doll will used the ghosts to catch back the heart of the lover back to the user 
Chanted at Cemetry for 7 nights to install the spell into the doll.

Patyant cloth for wrapping the doll, called payant duang jai rak ni  (my heart )  is Cambodian subject , can  not copy if someone copy and write out this yant will go crazy , while  Archan Em was drawing this Patyant, he was chanting the katha of charming Cambodia subject.
(Blessing ceremony at cemetry)

Archan Em lover doll 52 prai for charm and get back ex lover.

The way to use 
First days burned incenses total 16 pieces , to tell gods or guidancespirits who look after of house to allow those 52 spirits in doll able to get through, go in - go out the house easy and no block them from entering the owner's house.
At night before sleep
write  the name and date of birth of the lover onto the center of white payant , after that put the doll onto center of the patyant
then chant kata
 "Oom mu tu jit tang ......... jit ....(calling name of the lover )..    jong maa pan ta nang 
... pi yang ma ma .... duay  dae cha khong buang bas pra prai... pra ka ta khong khaa pa jaw..... sai pai yang hai klaew  hai klad......
oom took ma haa topk... oom tid ma haa tid ........ oom jit ti ...... maa ni jit tang....... so ni berk jit maa....... ja pa ka sa "
Chant 3 times then blow onto the doll 3 times
Then placed it at the patyant in the same position (doll on top of the yant and do not cover it ) , after that keep the doll under  the pillow or secret place at house.
If the owner had dream of the lover for anyday, the next day,  hook neck of the
doll by the holy red string (red string in set tieing the patyant)  
Tieing one round of the neck of the doll will tie heart of the lover stay into this doll
After that cover doll by the white patyant  and tie it total  32 times of the red string around the covered patyant , then that keep under the pillow or secret place 
According to Archan em, after that the owner first sign, will notice the lover will under black magic of the user, will believe the user in every things , will talk nicely or will return back to the user.
Suitable to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck.
It can make the person who is not interested in to become in love with you
It can also mend a broken relationship or marriage.
It can also charm an ex lover back.
The amulet will fan off third parties, saving you from emotional heartbreak.
Your love luck will skyrocket and always be smooth.

Don't miss out on this great amulets.
Price is only $198sgd only (limited pieces made)
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