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wow, many interesting amulets from Kruba Det, Wat Pah Ratta Na Go Sin

Kruba det from sam nak song Wat pah ratta na go sin, amper maemoh, lampang.

He is a powerful monk who had attain the level of deep visha level.He learn from 5 different teacher from 5 different country. He learn subject in visha magic in Mon , Cambodia , north of Thailand and Laos. He learn his subject in attraction and metta from lanna (north of thailand) ,He met all teachers when he had pilgrimage in the wood and cave ..After that, he move to mairattanagosin temple , he made many amulet and always give to his disciple which many people experience good result and effect.

Kruba det temple inside the deep forest of lampang. It is very deserted and deep inside the forest.

Kruba det is blessing all the amulet in a special ceremony where he invite many angles and devas down. He is a master of making effective and special amulets for attraction and wealth.

Kruba Det amulets

Kruba det Look sakot khunpaen neep ruk (Able to insert name of opposite sex for him/her love u forever)



(Bottom or top)

This is a special khun pean made by kruba det. made from 7 powder promprai and 7 cemetry soil. Front feature khun pean while behind is yin ku for attraction. The special feature about this amulet the user is able to write the name of opposite sex in the paper and insert it into the amulet .There is a hole in the bottom.Them chant a katha everyday for the gf/bf to think of user so much , cant do everything , and love the user only , and not able to leave or have other lover. Super amazing.

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Kruba det tosaka gold face (Super rich and good luck)



In ancient legend, Tosakan is a giant who is also the king of longkah city . He is so rich and has a lots of assets. Tosakun is the head of all giant and have many slaves and posses strong power. Later he pass his heart to Phra lersi. kruba det made very little piece of this amulet and place mineral of heart’s into tosakun that he gotten in the cave while he practice the dharma. This is an extremely good amulet for good luck, wealth and richness.

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Kruba det takrut settee luang (Strong wealth and windfall luck)

Special takrut handwritten by kruba det. He handwritten this takrut one by one and tie the string himself while chanting the mantra of wealth fetching into the takrut. A powerful takrut for strong windfall luck and wealth. Made only 29 pieces of this takrut.

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kruba det nam mon payahserkrong (Special tiger oil for hunting of opposite sex)

This is a very powerful tiger oil made by kruba det, inside is fill with tiger skin and a very powerful handwritten takrut. This oil is specially left over to kruba det by his master in laos. If the user apply this tiger oil on the forehead and eyebrown, when making eye contact to bait the opposite sex, the bait will be without strength which the user can hunt and attract easily. simply amazing oil and very limited produced. Strong for attraction and authority on others.

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Will be featuring more great amulets made by this great monk kruba det.

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