Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fascinating Amulet for attracting super good luck, successful, and wealth by Kruba Tai Ong

Ask yourself this questions....

- Are you a marketer or salesman who has tried every way, but who is still frustrated over the denials of prospects who have never given you a chance?

- Do you feel your luck going downfall, and everything that you do seem to be going wrong?

- Do You feel helpless because you facing many financial difficulties?

- Do you wish to get rid of all the bad stabbers or bad gossips in your life?

- Would you like to be more like the people you know who seem to always have something good happening in their life?

- Would you like to be so happy with your life that you find that you just smile and looking forward for a good day ahead for everyday.

Here's the interesting part:

Kruba Tai Ong had specially created an amulet that can overcome all the problems on top.

Kruba tai ong pra prong taewadah prajam kai (Super good luck and enhance in all wealth aspects of life) (Transform all bad luck to good luck) (Highly recommended)



Kruba tai ong made this special amulet using very old powder, wahn and insert each amulet with one scared stone in front.

According to kruba tai ong, he made this taewadah prajam kai god as whoever owner who wore this amulet or worship will be destined for super good luck , overcome all bad things and luck , successful in life , rich and protection from bad luck and all bad things.

During the major ceremony for the blessing of this amulet, Kruba Tai ong closed his eye in deep mediation and can saw the taewadah heavenly god call nung pang sadung glub and invited the god to be in the amulet.

He also invited the thep taewada of 7 different born day then ask them for extra blessing for this major ceremony.

Infront of the amulet is the thep heavenly god call nung pang sadung glub god
1) For change bad luck to be extremely good luck
2) If whoever do bad things to the user, the bad things will be returned to them.
3) The god wore many expensive decorations so meaning the user will be not poor and whatever he do will be successful.

Behind the amulet there is yant kai kaew kook look,
The mother chicken will wake up so early every day for Searching the food for the little chick. Meaning the user will be protected from danger and food and help from the right people will be taken care of everyday
Another meaning is the user will not be poor and free from poverty also.

Important note:
Kruba Tai ong mentioned that before using this amulet,
The owner have to burn 16 joss stick first to the amulet, chant the special katha and invite the god for stay with the user forever.

This amulet is highly recommended by Kruba himself and he will not be making this batch of amulets anymore.

For those who had used before kruba tai ong amulets, will know the good effect of his amulets.
This moment is a time to Act fast, you definitely WANT to be in the top to own this amulet before it is completely sold out for good.

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