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Here's a real cicida insect amulet for great wealth by kruba Thammamunee

(kruba Thammamunee blessing the amulets)

Lately I went to visit Kruba Thammamunee in Mahasarakam province. It took almost 6++ hours to travel from Bangkok to Suan Paphutthasathansupraditmethee, Mahasarakam province to see him. Kruba Thammamunee is one of the top 9 well-known young monk in the whole of Thailand.

(Collecting the amulets from Kruba Thammamunee after extra blessing)

Kruba Thammamunee TiJaTumMo has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. LP studied magic from Khmer guru monk who has knowledge of Visha (magic) to exorcise. Also, Kruba has been studied the art of making efficacious amulets from old magic book.

(Special blessing for good luck and saney by Kruba Thammamunee)

Kruba Thammamunee had made many interesting and effective amulets. He is a master of making effective khun pean kammasoot and love charms. The another amulet that caught my eye is the amulet call ChakGaJan Riak Sap, which is made from real cicida.

kruba Thammamunee real ChakGaJan Riak Sap ( Cicada that attracts great wealth and good luck) (highly recommended)

This amulet is made of real insect ChakGaJan (Cicida) wrap with one handwritten takrut and love saney oil.
Kruba must do as the steps learning in calculate day and auspicious time (Lerk Yam) that is well for doing such a amulet.
According to the Thai people, the cicadas is naturally endowed with auspicious energy and has Thep/Theva or celestials guarding them. Therefore proper rituals have to be conducted before digging them up.

(Drawing of a Cicida insects)

The cicada insect symbolizes richness, good luck, regeneration, rebirth and immortality.
This ChakGaJan Riak Sap is endowed with :

1) Metta, Loving Kindness
2) Metta mahasaney , Love attraction
3) Mahalap, Enhancing Luck
4) Klaewkard, Avoiding Misfortunes
5) Protection from dangers
6) Make people like to listen to us speaking
7) Longevity
8) Youthful beauty
9) Enhancing our ability to withstand adversity and breakthrough ( like cicada underneath the ground for many years before breaking into the skies )
10) Great wealth and richness

An extremely hard and rare to find amulet because it is made from real cicida. In ancient feng shui, the cicida symbolizes good luck and wealth, so most of it is made from jade or metal. In truth, nothing beats the real live insect of the cicida made by Kruba himself. Kruba only made very limited pieces of this amulets.

This ChakGaJan Riak Sap amulet will be sold out sonner then i expected. So it will be first come first serve.


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Kruba Thammamunee Khun Pean KammaSoot ( Winning in love and every aspects of your life)



The famous khun pean kammasoot made by kruba Thammamunee.
Behind is mix with special gems, bone fragment of a charming men and also kruba thammamunee personal thumb print.
Kruba blessed every night until three years in kruba Thammamunee’s Guti by mixed material such as Wahn Dokthong, Wahn Saolong, Wahn Salicalinthong, Wahn Nangkhum, Wahn Dinsorlersi, Gafakrak, Gafakmarum, Gan Kanoontaiprai, Gan Mayomtaiprai. In addition, with soil from the middle of market of 9 markets, Din Pong 9 Pong.

Kruba also mix this amulet with his special personal powder call Pong Arthan Mahasaney. According to Kruba, only powder is magical enough because it is very strong for attraction and metta and whoever who who possessed this powder will be very strong in attraction making the other party when saw you, will create the desire to have sexual fantasy with you.

According to kruba , this amulet can bring Metta Maha Saney to the opposite sex. It is suitable for the timid person. It’s good for negotiation and trading. It can bring Metta Mahaniyom (good relationship and well -liked) to general people too.

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