Friday, February 14, 2014

Pasting of the great master Luang Pu Khambu

The Great master lp kambu had passed away on 11Feb 2014 by 2pm at Bangkok hospital at the age of 92yrs.
The deepest condolence n regrets to the passing of this powerful monk.

Bio of lp Khambu:

LP Khambu was born on Monday the 15th February B.E.2465 (C.E.1922) in GoodChomPu village, Ubonratcha Thani Province. LP Khambu got ordained as a novice in B.E.2482 (C.E. 1939) at Wat GoodChomPu , Ubonratcha Thani Province. After ordination, LP Khambu went to learn dharma and magic from LP Rod of Wat Thungsrimueang who was the great magical expert in the northeast of Thailand. In B.E.2486 (C.E. 1943), LP Khambu got ordained as a monk at Wat GoodChomPu. After that, LP Khambu went on a pilgrimage (Buddhists call “Tu Dong”) around Thailand and in Laos to do meditation seriously in order to gain strong mindfulness. 
           LP Khambu is an abbot of Wat GoodChomPu.  A lot of people love and respect him because he is a good monk. Because of his good power, his amulets are auspicious and powerful. LP Khambu is one of famous senior guru monks in Thailand.

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