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Amazing wealth and fortune amulets by Pra Archan wean

(Archan Wean)

Pra Archan wean, wat pah samakeetham is very famous in magical mystery. He studied magical knowledge from many famous instructors in Thailand.
He is one of the young monk in Thailand who had possessed strong wicha and power in making effective amulets which are popular among the Thai people.
(Archan wean paying respect to the Great Luang Pu Hong)
Pra Archan Waen moved to wat pah samakeetham on 6th jan BE2551

Teacher of Pra Archan Waen
1. lp kambu kuttajid tho, wat kut chompoo , amper piboonmungsaharn , ubonratchatani
2. lp nooin wat pah puttamongkon , tambon lub ,amper meung , kalasin
3. lp khao ,wat pah koonkamwipatsana , tambon kut hai , amper kut bak , sakonnakhon
4. lp lom , watpah mettatam , tambon cheangmai , amper pochai , roiet
5. lp kruba thammunee , suanpah puttasatarnpradit maetee , tambon kha , amper wapee patum ,mahasarakam
6. lp nain kampeero , wat ban kaset tungsette , tambon waeng , amper pontong , roiet
7. Pra Archan Ao puttaruksah ,samnakputtasatarn wiharnpratham ma rat , tambon pakchong ,amper lomsak , petchaboon

(Archan wean blessing the special amulets)

I went to Archan Wean temple and gotten a number of amulets made by him. I was told most amulets were hand -made by himself and produced only limited pieces. His amulets are mostly effective for wealth, good luck and attraction.

(Blessing by Archan wean)

Amulets by Archan Wean

Archan wean jataput na thong (Super powerful for wealth and business) (highly recommended)


This is one of the most famous amulet ever made by archan wean, call jataput na thong.
Archan wean learn to make this amulet from his old teacher who had passed away.
Material use to make this amulet include:
1) pom prai ash of a spirit which die more then 1000 years ago
(According to archan wean, this material is super poweful)
2) special heart huajia metta saney takrut behind
3) soil from 7 cemetry
4) soil from 7 river

This amulet is chanted by archan wean for 6 months.
Front featute jataput na thong holding money bag , so this amulet is especially most powerful for wealth and good business luck.
This amulet is best for windfall luck and sales luck also.

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Archan wean special lersi 9 nawa koa (millionaire luck and wealth)

Special lersi amulet made by Archan wean which feature lersi with 9 head.
This is a special lersi mix together with 9 head millionaire buddha , pra nawa sette 9 na
Holy metal melt from takrut handwritten with yant by archan wean .
All of materials are known as magic things that could bring good luck and wealth to the owner. This amulet shows lersi with 9 head levels, therefore, this image represent high power and capabilities to advance in career and become successful in life.
only limited pieces made
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Archan wean phra ar nook root tay rug ( never be poor and rich always)

This is a special buddha made by archan wean melt from old amulet materials of last time amulets left by his master.

According to archan wean this buddha represent that the owner wont be poor and always be rich and having abundent in life. Whoever who have faith and wear this amulet will always increase in money and successful in everything .
Archan wean had taught a method for wearing this amulet and chant a mantra for attracting gold and money into the owner life.
Limited pieces made.

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