Tuesday, June 1, 2010

World Best Takrut snake ever made by the Great Kruba Det

The Great kruba det had made another world best class amulet again call takrut ngoo leum.
This is made by kruba det using one boa snake skin which is call ngoo jaw tee is part of haft spirit and god inside this snake.

(Kruba det blessing the Boa snake skin)

Important charateristic of bao snake:

Boa snake is huge in size and crawl slower more then it's prey. It is easy to hunt for target

The snake will just sleep only then the prey come to the boa snake or female boa snake will come to male boa snake for make love. This represent that after wearing this takrut, it is easy to find girl /guy for strong love attraction.

The prey just see into eye of boa snake then will have no more energy, making it became weak and the boa snake is then able to catch the prey very easily, also female boa snake come to make love easy and many of other female boa snake also.

This skin snake possessed a lot of power in it.

Thai peple believed whoever who dream of snake meaning will meet solumate soon

Many people keep this boa snake skin for strong metta and Best for gambling luck.
(Transfering power into the snake skin)

Story of how kruba det obtain this special snake skin:

Kruba det got this boa snake skin when he went to tudong in one cave while he was sitting samati doing meditation. He saw that one of the big snake die itself in the cave due to old age. Then kruba det do samati and realised that this snake is a very special snake which possess a lot of magical power.

It is the god guardian spirit snake for protecting the heavenly god and spirits in this cave.

The reason that it die is because the snake will to be born to next life.

The boa snake wanted kruba det to take it's body for doing amulet to help the people.

While kruba det was blessing these amulet, there were many boa snake crawl in to this ceremony. Then kruba det chanted and told all snake and inform them that the ceremony is finished already then all snake suddenly disappear into thin air.

As mentioned by kruba det himself, these special snake takut is for

1) Extremely Good luck, whoever who keep this takut before go out will be best for gambling luck

Able to make someone who own you money to return to the owner back, if who hard to return will return the owner easily, like asking candy from a child

And most improtantly always good luck and win lottery easily.

2) For good sales and business luck, like bao snake easy to catch animal, same the owner easy to find customer or client. Superboost your sales and income.

3) For metta mahasaney , everyone will love the user, super attraction, like female snake come to male boa snake easily without makeing any effort, once the owner wear it, will always be surrounded by members of the opposite sex, muck like attracting bees to honey. Attracting the opposite sex like a 10-ton magnet.

You be able to get the incredible feeling of...

The success...

The wealth and prosperity...

The happiness and fulfillment...

And - probably most important - success with members of the opposite sex

This boa snake which kruba det obtain is a special snake call ngoo jaw tee is part of half spirit and god inside this snake

Only have one such boa snake available, so this takrut is super limited.
kruba det had made these takut boa snake using the skin and made so little pieces, only 28 pieces.

Seriously, you will slap and kick yourself real hard if you wanted to get this takrut but realised that it is completely sold out for good!!!

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