Sunday, June 20, 2010

Most adorable, cute, beautiful but yet powerful salika ever made by Kruba Ree of Wat Pra Tat Mon Silah Art

(Kruba Ree)

Kruba Ree, wat pra tat mon silah art, Chiangrai is pra ariyasong who possesed strong magical power. His wicha is original from lanna subject and currently he is very old but still healthy enough to be able to do amulet by himself, drew very powerful nice yantra by himself.

He is very famous in north of thailand and have so many looksit. Every time he made many amulets but always not enough because demand are a lot . Kruba Ree was interested in magic when he was very young .

On B.E 2485 he became a soldier and always fight in the war, but he was always well protected. Because he learned many protection subjectfrom many Archans and masters.

After he quitted from the soldier, he then became a doctor but was known as a magicial doctor. He used the magic to help so many people and become famous. He become a monk after that and is famous in doing wicha salika which is most famous subject in his temple.

(Kruba Ree blessing the amulets)

kruba ree had made this adorable and nice salika from rom mai ruk tai prai (ruk wood die itself).
One of his looksit gave to him this special love wood. Kruba Ree handmade every piece of this nok salika with written yantra by himself and insert with one special handwritten takrut below the body of salika.
While chanting, he tied two more takrut at the neck of the salika also.

While he was blessing he closed eye while chanting the special mantra for calling the salika, then saw the salika bird can move and sing a song like in real life. Amazing power!!!

kruba Ree said that salika bird have voice that is very beautiful , like to sing a song, enjoy toking , if who can hear the voice of salika will fall in love with it.
So this salika whoever owner keep will be best for persuasion, business, sales and strongest metta.

You get to win arguments and negotiations, even when the situation seems hopeless. Most important is to charm people into your way of thinking.

Opportunities to increase your income and make more money will suddenly appear as if from nowhere. It’s kind of neat to see these things happening and consciously realize what’s really going on.

Kruba Ree Nok salika call wealth ( Best for sales , business and metta) (highly recommended)

A must have adorable amulet which is both suitable for the man and woman.
You’re going to love the positive changes that will happen in your life.
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