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New testimonials from amulets by kruba keow mah and kruba det

Absolute FACTS !!!

It was truly amazing how effective amulets by kruba keow mah and kruba det can be.
Here are a few recent testimonials collected from the satisfied owner who used this amulets.

Mostly were verbal testimonials given by them from msn or in person.

Amulet: kruba keow mah tah tip pra pong pid sa nah tham

From: Mr johnson , USA (Real name)

One year ago, Mr Johnson life was in disarray, he needed a life changing event. He was going through divorce and his business was going down hill financially. After he obtain this kruba keow mah amulet and wore it for 3 weeks, his business took a turn for the best and his family issues don’t seem to be as intense. He also able to earn some profit from the stock market during this period. He become more peaceful, happy and could not believe the positive difference this amulet had make into his life. He intend to recommend this amulet to his friends and relatives also.

From: Casey (not real name)

A hair stylist in a saloon who wish to increase her profit and sales figure. After she wore this kruba keow mah amulet for a week, suddenly more customer came to the saloon and took up more package for the hair treatment without even much persuaion needed to be done. She commented to me that everyday her work became more busy but she is happier and her commission had increased over the weeks. Her boss and colleagues treat her even nicer then last time. Super amazing amulet by kruba keow mah as she mentioned in msn.
Here's one great testimonials from kruba det takrut ngoo leum

Amulet: kruba det takrut ngoo leum

From: Vincent (Not real name)

Vincent when he met me back in two weeks ago, told me he was in debt due to borrow money to friends who never return him and losing in gambling on soccer betting. When i saw him, he seem really desperate and depress, definiety not in a good state. I told him to try to wear this kruba det takrut ngoo leum with faith and chant everyday for best effect.

The amazing thing happened after three days he wore this kruba det takrut, his friend suddenly called him up and told him that he is able to return him 70 % of the loan money to him first.

Then his aunt call him the next day and told him that she is willingly to borrow some money to him to clear his debt. Interesting!!!

Well here's another amazing thing he told me, during this world cup season, he had not lose a single match for betting on soccer. Seem his luck became skyrocketed after wearing this takrut. Last from what i heard from him, he had cleared his debts and now seem more happier then ever. He intend to do real gold casing for this snake takrut too.

P.S : Not to encourage gambling , but this is the true facts which had happen in his life.
Here's the amulet which my clients had mentioned:

kruba keow mah tah tip pra pong pid sa nah tham (open third eye) (For super good luck and wealth) (Highly recommended, 5 star rating)

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Kruba det takrut ngoo leum (Snake for super wealth and attraction)( rare and highly recommended, 5 star rating) (Sold out)

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